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J. Craig Annan 
[Die Kunst in der Photographie (Art Folio #5)] 
1893-1894 (taken) 1900 (photogravure) 
20.5 x 15.2 cm 
Photograph courtesy 
James Craig Annan (Glasgow)
Heliographed (Plate) : James Craig Annan of T. & R. Annan & Sons, Glasgow
Printed (Druck) by: Georg Buxenstein & Comp. (Berlin)
Printed as Eleonore on plate and on index page.
"Eleanore is based on a poem by the juvenile Tennyson, though taking a subject from literature was not an action of which the Glasgow Boys would approve. The excerpt from the poem which accompanies the print mentions Eleanore's deep, full, star-like eyes, but Annan clearly had read the whole poem for he shows her "with tresses unconfined". He must also have read that she was born underground and roamed only between sunset and moonrise. What trouble he must have taken to find the site and a white, grub-like, costume to suggest her subterranean habits, to find a model with long hair and large dark eyes. Eleanore is an elaborate costume piece." (Buchanan 1994: p.7)
Buchanan, William 1994, J. Craig Annan, International Pictorialist' In J. Craig Annan: Selected texts and bibliography Edited by William Buchanan (Oxford, England: Clio Press)
The Tennyson lines that accompany the photo are:
"As tho' a star in inmost heaven set,
So full, so deep, so slow,
Thought seems to come and go
In thy large eyes, imperial Eleġnore."

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