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Carleton E. Watkins 
#925 Spring Valley Water Works 
Stereoview, half, detail 
Private collection of Leonard A. Walle 
The dark tent is lined with what I think is yellow, or a very warm colored material. As you know, collodion is a blue sensitive emulsion (it is called 'Ordinary'). This being what this is, the blue will NOT be seen, where as the yellow (red or warm tones) would be seen as dark. The outer material seems to be plain white canvas duck. The white outer shell is so the interior of this dark tent would not heat up in direct sun. This color choice was a must on warm days. After about 90oF outside, the inside of the tent would elevate the silver bath to above 80o F in no time at all. At this temperature, silver bath starts to act up, and will produce flawed plates.
Comments by Will Dunniway and Robert Szabo
Contemporary wet-plate collodion photographers
[January 2011] 

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