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Unidentified photographer 
Girls with dove 
Daguerreotype, 1/4 plate 
Larry Gottheim, Be-hold, Inc 
Courtesy of Larry Gottheim - Be-Hold (50 / 16) 
These daguerreotypes are in a fine book-style case with a hinged latch, with a central panel that holds one daguerreotype on each side. The first plate shows two charming girls, sisters, standing on each side of a table. One holds her pet dove. The second + plate shows a seated mother with two daughters beside her. These don't appear to be the same girls, but the two plates belong together. They both have their original seals, similar in each. The seals on the first plate are loose. The case is black papier-mch with gilding and tortoise shell floral design, not listed in Berg's book on cases. 

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