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Maija McDougal 
Bromoil print 
Provided by the artist - Maija McDougal 
"Triangles is another subject I had used for the Fellowship panel, however, not in colour, but as a monochrome. It represents a section of a large spherical glass building in Oxford.
When contemplating the use of coloured inks one is immediately confronted with the choice of them. In an abstract image, of course, it can be entirely arbitrary. The six centrally placed triangles have receives the brightest colours drawing one's eye towards them, whilst the deeper blues and greens form a framework around them. Almost the full spectrum of colours has been used. To give the image an overall unity, however, colours have been used in a muted manner. This was achieved, more or less, by deliberately carrying a colour across into the adjacent areas. To diffuse the colours even further, a stippling action with a clean brush was applied all over the print. " (Maija McDougal, August 2006) 

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