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Frank Meadow Sutcliffe 
Review of the "Third Annual Exhibition of Photographic Work" - Mr. Frank Sutcliffe of Whitby 
1889, April 
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"Third Annual Exhibition of Photographic Work", American Journal of Photography, Vol.10, No,4, April 1889, p.136
The large collection by Mr. Frank Sutcliffe, of Whitby, is characterized by that same fine perception of the beautiful of which he has frequently shown so many striking examples. Nothing is so difficult to depict in their true relations as the sea and sky. The harmony is so exquisite in the whole scale from high to low, that it needs a quick sense of the slightest jar in the scale to preserve the symphony.
Mr. Sutcliffe is a master in depicting by photography the beauties of atmospheric phenomena.
His pictures of mist, on sea or land, are most beautiful renderings. The aqueous veil softens but obscures not the distance, and the hazy outlines of the hills and buildings look like rich traceries of light and shade.
The fleecy masses of wind-fretted clouds, the soft filament of fine spun vapor interpenetrated with changing lights, and the black visored phalanxes of storm-laden clouds, are in perfect keeping with the scenes. Mr. Sutcliffe shows himself a master as well in genre photography. He gives us a number of very delightful studies of fishermen and fisher lasses. 

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