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Henry Fox Talbot 
Oriel Window 
1835, 20-24 August (original) 1985 (print) 
Salt print 
Private collection of Steffen Wolff 
(pers. email: Steffen Wolff, 21 August 2012)
The history of making it is well known, it was the marvellous hot summer in August 1835 which gave him the right light for his camera. The exposure was 30 minutes, and the result astonished him, as he could count the numbers of latticed glass.
He fixed this negative with common salt, and so it took a blue color within a few days. Salt fixed negatives are very unstable, and after one century of handling and showing, the original today is only a shadow of itself. But in the 1930ís Herbert Lambert copied the original on a glass-plate which still has al good contrast.
With the Fox Talbot Museum in Laycock we made a copy of it. I later made a printable positive to receive this print, the negative. I knew Talbotís chemicals and fixed it with salt. A few prints were made for the 1985 150th anniversary, the first i gave to my friend Helmut Gernsheim. He was delighted with the result.
We found out at Laycock that the original was taken between the 20 to 24th August 1835. 

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