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The first announcement of the invention of photography in the Romanian principalities, Albina Româneasca (Ia?i, then capital of the Principality of Moldavia) 
1839, 16/24 February (Part 1) 1839, 23 Feb./7 Marc 
Newspaper article 
Internet - Original source ill-defined 
(Alan Griffiths, 4 July 2022) I'm indebted to Theodor E. Ulieriu-Rostá for bringing this to my attention.
(Theodor E. Ulieriu-Rostás, 4 July 2022) The earliest known account of the discovery in the Romanian Principalities: "Dagherotipie" in Albina Româneasca X.14 (16/24 February 1839), continued in X.16 (23 Feb./7 March 1839). Published in Ia?i, then capital of the Principality of Moldavia. The first part mainly deals with Daguerre's diorama and barely announces "an even more wondrous discovery" called the daguerreotype, which is described in the second part. 

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