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Milton Rogovin
Lower West Side
Curated by
Mark Rogovin
The Rogovin Collection
Milton Rogovin Turns 100!
These never before seen photographs have been put together for Luminous-Lint from the Lower West Side series of Milton Rogovin .
I have had the privilege of curating my father's photographic archive for the last 7 years. I have worked on book and film projects, on exhibits and the organization of his correspondence and his website.
My main effort with the website has been to get Milton's images in classrooms around the world. There are portfolios (with Teacher's Guides) that are easy to download and each folio elicits rich classroom discussion and projects. We have just added information on the cameras, darkroom equipment and chemicals that he used in creating his rich prints. I'd encourage you to make use of these resources and pass them along to fellow photographers and educators.
How exciting it is that my father is alive to see so much excitement around his photography.
Mark Rogovin

A few thoughts by Alan Griffiths…
Milton Rogovin will be 100 this year. In speaking with Mark Rogovin about his father's birthday I suggested that we should put up an online exhibition that did not show the well known images that are already published in monographs and exhibition catalogues but rather prints from Milton's work from the 1970s that have never been shown. Mark enthusiastically agreed and this online exhibition is the result of going back through photographs taken on the Lower West Side.
I'm in the priviledged position of looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs every day and, although portraiture is the commonest genres, humanity is represented surprisingly rarely. These photographs have everything to do with a deep respect for the people shown as valued and unique individuals.
You can see a lot of photographs before humanity shines through.
Look into the eyes of the people in these photographs and you are making direct one-on-one contact with them through the lens of Milton Rogovin. 

Rogovin Collection - LLC (Mark Rogovin - President).
Milton Rogovin 
New York 


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