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J. Craig Annan 
[Die Kunst in der Photographie (Art Folio #5)] 
1895 (ca, taken) 1900 (photogravure) 
Photogravure, Chine-collé 
21.5 x 9.0 cm 
Photograph courtesy 
James Craig Annan (Glasgow)
Heliographed (Plate) : James Craig Annan of T. & R. Annan & Sons, Glasgow
Printed (Druck) by: Georg Buxenstein & Comp. (Berlin)
Sibylla dates to at least 1895, when it was shown at the London (Linked Ring) Salon of 1895. Annan, who was also very interested in framing and the proper presentation and hanging of his work, incorporated a black framed border etched into the copper plate surrounding this portrait itself.
An anonymous writer in the publication Photograms of '95 writes about a grouping of Annan portraits, including Sibylla: "Mr. Annan's portrait studies Sibylla (167), A Lady in Brown (161), and Margaret (176), are curiously interesting. In them he has managed to obtain no little of the repose and distinction of a really fine portrait. Much that is his own peculiar quality could only be successfully imitated by photographers equally accomplished as technicians, and equipped with no less artistic knowledge..." (Buchanan 1994: p.58)
Buchanan, William 1994, J. Craig Annan, International Pictorialist' In J. Craig Annan: Selected texts and bibliography Edited by William Buchanan (Oxford, England: Clio Press) 
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