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Cross-dressing, gender switching and related issues
Curated by
Alan Griffiths
With special thanks to John Toohey for his suggestion that an exhbition on this topic should be included on Luminous-Lint and for supplying some examples to get it started.
With grateful thanks to Mariette Pathy Allen, Jason Andrew, Nancy Baron, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Nancy Breslin, Ed Baynard, William Coupon, Oscar Estrada, Brad Feuerhelm, Paul Frecker, Debra Frieden, Rafael Goldchain, Cynthia Greig, Charise Isis, Aristeo Jiménez, Tamara Lischka, MaryAnn Lynch, John Sevigny, P. Elaine Sharpe, Rachel Snow, Voula Tantanozi, Robert Tat, David Travis, Arthur Tress, and Neal White for providing examples and making suggestions.
[This exhibition is only a starting point and I'd welcome further examples and suggestions. I gather that there are photographs by Evan Abramson, Diane Arbus, Cass Bird, Dietmar Busse, Stephen Cohen, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar, Yasumasa Morimura and Catherine Opie that should be included. There are also photographs of Francis Renault and the Greek artist Yannis Tsarouchis, who was a notorious cross dresser in his youth.] 

21st Editions, Bassenge Photography Auctions, Christie's - New York, J. Cosmas Vintage Photography, J. Paul Getty Museum, Lee Gallery, Paul Frecker, Private collection of John Toohey, Provided by the artist - Aristeo Jiménez, Provided by the artist - Charise Isis, Provided by the artist - Debra Frieden, Provided by the artist - John Sevigny, Provided by the artist - Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Provided by the artist - Neal White, Provided by the artist - Rafael Goldchain, Provided by the artist - William Coupon, Robert Tat Gallery, Select Vernacular Photographs / Norman Kulkin, Stereoviews: Stereoviews and Fine 19th & 20th Century Antique Photographs, Wellcome Collection.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues 


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