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M.A.B. Evans (Author) 
To My Sweetheart's Kodak 
1890, January 
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To My Sweetheart's Kodak.
Oh Kodak, are you void of sense.
That you so stoically take
The pressure of her fingers fair.
Which all my nerves would wildly shake?
Ah ! don't you see her wealth of hair;
Her eyes so softly, brightly blue
Now bent, with tender interest,
O Kodak Camera, on you?
And can't you feel the lively thrill
Of pleasure in her lovely face
When you work well? 0 Camera,
I'd like, just once, to have your place!
Such pictures as I'd take for her,
Such glorious views of east and west,
Like magic they should come, her smile
Would pay me well to do my best.
You don't appreciate your luck,
O Camera, with glassy eye.
Which, staring ever straight ahead.
Sees not the charming maid close by.
If I were you but never mind,
You're not her lover that is clear.
While I I love the very ground
That only serves to bring her near.
But still, I scarcely envy you.
Although from me you steal her smiles.
You're deaf, and dumb, and blind to all
Her beauty rare, her winning wiles.
And saddest, worst of all your lot,
Ah ! this I could not bear and live!
To feel that I belong to her.
And then, to take a negative.
M. A. B. Evans, in Outing for Jan., 1890
The Vassar Miscellany, Vol.XIX, Number 4, January, 1890. 

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