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Joel E. Whitney 
People Escaping the Indian Massacre of 1862, in Minnesota, at Dinner on a Priaire. Photographed by one of the party. 
[Gems of Minnesota Scenery] 
1862 (or later) 
Private collection of Paula Fleming 
Whitney's Gallery (174 Third Street, St. Paul, Minn. - Publisher)
(Paula Fleming, 18 September 2020) People escaping from the Sioux Revolt. By Adrian Ebell, Aug. 21, 1862. The Sioux were pushed beyond endurance and revolted. More people were killed than the combined number of Wounded Knee and the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Most of Minnesota was emptied from Indians and Anglos alike fleeing. The military was called in. Ultimately 38 Indians were hanged in the largest mass hanging in US history. An incredible story of one group horribly mistreating another and yet very few people have ever heard of it 

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