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Camille Silvy 
Effects of Colour in the Studio 
1877, 12 October 
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The Photographic News, October 12, 1877, Vol.XXI, No.997, p.491-492.
Effects of Colour in the Studio. Referring to some curious experiments recently made in Italy by a physician for the insane, and in which light played an important part, the question considered was the influence exercised upon the insane by their being kept in rooms lighted by red, blue, and violet glass. Mr. Silvy. who was for some years the most noted portrait photographer in London, says: "As far back as 1860," says our correspondent, "1 used this process, not for the complete cure of the customers who flocked to my ateliers, but at least for their momentary relief, and tor my own advantage. Thus, the first rooms in which X received my customers were hung in dark green ; the ceiling green, set off with oak; the windows furnished with green blinds; the curtains of green velvet, so as to afford rapid relief to the sight of persons who were more or less excited by walking or riding in the open air. After remaining a few minutes in these two salons they entered a boudoir hung with pink chintz, in which the ladies made their toilets, and thence passed into my atelier, which was on the same floor with these three apartments. The gallery itself was divided into three parts, one completely darkened by hangings of green serge; the other, in which the light was subdued, by a coating of white paint, which gave to the panes the appearance of ground-glass, I had green trellises placed against the sashes, and at the bottom boxes of earth, containing ivy and vines, which ascended to the top of the gallery. There were only two or three open spaces through which the light entered freely. It was thus that I obtained my effects of crisp light." 

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