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Johann Julius Friedrich Berkowski 
Solar eclipse 
1851, 28 July 
Friedrich-Schiller-University: Historical collections on natural sciences 
Astronomische Sammlung am Astrophysikalischen Institut und Univ.-Sternwarte, AST 1851/1 
Berkowski made the first solar eclipse photograph on July 28, 1851, also using the daguerrotype process, at the Royal Observatory in Königsberg, Prussia (now Kalinigrad in Russia). Berkowski, a local daguerrotypist whose first name was never published, observed at the Royal Observatory. A small 6-cm refracting telescope was attached to the 15.8-cm Fraunhofer heliometer and a 84-second exposure was taken shortly after the beginning of totality.
(Accessed: 10 August 2017) 

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