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Joy Christiansen 
The Dialogue 
Two Victorian Wingback Chairs, Iron-on Transfer Images on Upholstery Fabric, and Embroidered Text 
72 x 48 x 36 in 
Provided by the artist - Joy Christiansen 
© Joy Christiansen, courtesy of the artist 
The Dialogue consists of two chairs facing each other as if joined in conversation and confronting each other in battle. Conversations occur within the text that is embroidered on the fabric of the chair. The text and images of a figure transferred onto the fabric bring the chairs to life.
Chair #1
You know that you shouldn't weigh yourself. The doctor said it was a bad idea. She said you should think about weight in more of a range than a number. You are normal. You should be happy about that. You shouldn't focus so much on your appearance. If someone loves you, they would not care if you had gained weight. How do you know if you have gained weight? I cannot believe you weighted yourself at the gym. You said that you wouldn't. How do you feel about your body today? I think that you look just fine. You have to stick to the plan or you are not going to get better. You cannot go eating all that food or you will get fat. You know that you shouldn't try to diet. You just need to try to eat healthy. You know you eat when you are stressed out. You need to start following the rules. It is easy. Don't you want to get better?
Chair #2
I know, but I just want to lose a few pounds. Ten maybe. Then I would not look so disgusting. I just want to be skinny. I don't want to be normal. I hate it when people say you are normal or healthy. Healthy means chunky. I am worried about seeing Julie. She is going to know that I have gained weight. I am afraid that she will know I failed. I know I have gained weight. I saw my reflection in the mirror the other day and my face was so big. I don't know when this happened. I weighted myself at the gym the other day. I know I said I would not but I was so scared. I can feel myself growing. It is so disgusting. My body is so fat, it's my legs, my stomach, my arms, and my face. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just go on a little diet. Just for a few days. I am scared that I can't do it. Maybe I am not strong enough. 

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