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J. Craig Annan 
Une dame en blanc 
[Photo-Club de Paris / 1897, Pl. XV] 
Heliogravure / Photogravure 
19.9 x 14.2 cm (entire plate - approximately 40.00 x 29.00 cm) 
Photograph courtesy 
Country: England: Glasgow
An interesting account by Photo-Club de Paris founder Robert Demachy, in which this photograph is compared to a painting (which of course was a huge part of the artistic photographic discourse at the time) was printed in the Bulletin du Photo-Club de Paris, vol. 7 (1897) . Commenting on this photograph at the 1897 Salon, Demachy writes: "Mr. Craig Annan continues to provide us with an example of how sober composition and tone can produce a powerful and very personal effect. Mr. Craig Annan is undeniably at the fore-front of the artistic movement in photography and it is rare to see a position that has so quickly and triumphantly been acquired being safeguarded with such authority. His portrait of The Lady in White has been compared to Terburg several times and indeed it is true that you can find in the portrait qualities of the Dutch master. The folds of the dress are perfectly arranged. You can hardly regret the curved line, which is unlike that of the body, created by the back of the chair covered by the model's clothing. The value of the white material is exquisite as it is in complete harmony with the flesh of the face. The lady's profile in full light stands out without melting into it. The accessories are sober and the whole effect is colourful, warm and alive. This portrait would be enough to confirm Mr. Craig Annan's reputation, but he does not stop there." (Translated from the French: Page #78: from: J. Craig Annan: Selected texts and bibliography: Edited by William Buchanan: Clio Press: 1994
Annan, a contemporary of Stieglitz and important influence on him, was not only a gifted photographer but also a publisher who made his own copper plates for printing photogravures for himself and the family firm: T & R Annan & Sons. Today, the Annan family is still in business- operating The Annan Gallery (a fine art dealer gallery) at 164 Woodlands Road in Glasgow.
Plate (Graveur) by Meisenbach
Print: Ateliers Charles Wittmann
Included in the "Quatrieme Année Salon de Photographie" of the Photo-Club of Paris (1897) 

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