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Unidentified photographer/creator 
3150. Rouch, W.W. - this exhibitor sends a series of valuable apparatus and chemicals 
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"Report of the Jurors", The Photographic Journal, Volume 8, Jan 15, 1864, p.448.
The Jurors referred to are those handling "Class XIV: Photography and Photographic Apparatus" at the "International Exhibition". The first section of the report was in The Photographic Journal, Dec 15, 1862, p.190.
3150. Rouch, W. W. This exhibitor sends a series of valuable apparatus and chemicals.
A portable operating-chamber, described as Edwards's New Model Tent, combining great portability with convenience and efficiency, differing in many of the contrivances of a similar character in the ample room afforded in the part immediately over the head of the manipulator, materially contributing to his comfort. Another well-adapted portion consists of a small water-tank placed outside, a pipe from which, with spring tap, enters the tent at a convenient corner, being always at hand for the ready use of the operator. The tent is in every respect admirably contrived to meet the wants of the amateur photographer. Various cameras are also exhibited. A well-contrived portable laboratory; an instantaneous shutter; dippers for the bath of pure silver; and other photographic requisites. Mr. Rouch also contributes samples of bromo-iodized and other collodions made according to Mr. Hardwich's formula. A medal was awarded to Mr. Rouch for his series of small photographs, which are stated to be produced in the tent referred to, and with the same kind of collodion and chemicals he exhibits.
This report was also published in The Photographic News: A Weekly Record of the Progress in Photography, Vol.VII, March 6, 1863, p.118 

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