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Andrew Davidhazy 
"Forge of Vulcan" by Velazquez at the Prado Museum, Madrid 
Black and white photograph 
Provided by the artist - Andrew Davidhazy 
Examples of the painting photographs from this series by Andrew Davidhazy were included in the book Gridley McKim-Smith, Greta Andersen-Bergdoll & Richard Newman, 1988, Examining Velazquez, (Yale University Press)
Memories on this series by Andrew Davidhazy (27 January 2019, pers. Email to Alan Griffiths)
The B&Ws are either Plus-X or High Speed Infrared (both Kodak) … the color was Vericolor III
They were made in 1982 at the Prado Museum in Madrid while part of a team of art historians and conservators and me led by Dr. Gridley McKim-Smith from Bryn Mawr university. I donated or just gave the 8x10 material to the Museum recently. I kept a few duplicates and all the 4x5 negatives … which duplicated the 8x10 negatives. Did the photography and processing in the Museum’s photo lab. We worked late evenings while place was empty. It was just during (previous) the process that Velazquez’s paintings were being moved to a new gallery.
I used a Wratten 87C filter for the infrared ones adjusting the position of the lens board a bit after visual focus on ground glass but I don’t remember the exact amount. with the IR film I used a small aperture … probably f/11 exposure times of maybe a few seconds. The lamps put out quite a bit of IR. 

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