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Frederick H. Evans 
Microscopes slide of "Sponge Spicules" (left) and "Pulex Iritans (sic) - Flea" (right) with signatures 
Microscope slides 
Private collection of Professor Brian Stevenson, Ph.D. 
Two microscope slides bearing labels with Frederick Evans' signature. The left slide, of a flea, also carries a descriptive label in the same hand, and was presumably made by Evans. The right slide, a papered arrangement of sponge spicules, bears a specimen label with a very different style of handwriting. It is not known whether Evans bought the slide through G. Rogers, or if Rogers disposed of it after Evans had owned the slide. Enlargements of Evans' signature are included to assist readers in comparing the slides' signatures with those on photographs by Frederick Evans.
(Accessed: May 14, 2010)
Brian Bracegirdle's Microscopical Mounts and Mounters (Oxford, Seacourt Press, 1998) illustrates a slide with an Evans label on plate 15D, with a cover paper indicating that it was made by J. & T. J. (Jones). Bracegirdle interpreted the scrawled handwriting to be "F N Evans." 

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