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John Burke 
Group of Sirdars, Kabul, February 1880 
1879 (ca) - 1880 (February) 
Albumen print 
17.5 x 28.3 cm (image) 
The Royal Collection 
RCIN 2702079 
Group photograph of Sirdars, or Chiefs or leaders in Afghanistan and India with 23 men standing, 13 men sitting in middle row including two boys (one standing behind bench) and 11 men including two boys, sitting on the carpet. All are named except for two Europeans at the back row (one wearing a deerstalker hat). Back row from left to right: Fakir Mohammed Khan, Mohammed Aman Khan, son of Mohammed Zaman Khan, Mohammed Azin Khan, son of Dost Mohammed, Mohammed Ali Khan, Mohammed Haskin Khan, son of Dost Mohammed , Dibir el Malk [?] Mohammed Hussain, Habibulla Kahn, son of Dost Mohammed, Mohammed Nasir Khan, Saleh Mohammed Khan, Nawab Sir Ghulam Hoosein Khan, Admed Alii Jan, son of Mohammed Ali Khan, Faszli Admed, Mohammed Sadik, Mawab afzal Khan, Mohammed Syed Khan, Sikunder Khan, Jellaboodin, Ressalder Bahawuldin Khan, XIth Bengal Lancers, Mohammed Sarnek Kahn, brother of Yahia Khan, Akbar Khan, Shah Mohammed Khan. Second row: Yusuf Khan, son of Yahia Khan, Abdoola Khan, Mohammed Yusaf Khan, son of Dost Mohammed, Wali Mohammed, General Frederick Roberts (1832-0914), Mohammed Yumas and Mohammed Nabi, sons of Yakoob Khan (boys), Mohammed Hashim, Mohammed Hyat Khan CSI, Kazi Abdul Rahman, Mohammed Karim Khan, son of Dost Mohammed, Amadoula Khan, Muzr Mohammed Khan, Mohammed Aziz Khan. Third son, sitting on floor: Sher Admed, Shaad Mohammed Khan, Anatoola Khan, Ataoolla Khan, Mohammed Ayoob, Abdul Majid, son of Mohammed Hussian Khan, Abdul Guffoor and Shah Newaz, sons of Mustophi, Pensioner Ghulam Nakshbund, Mohammed Sasik Khan, Shamshoddin Khan.
Photograph in album presented by the Earl of Lytton (1831-91), Viceroy of India to Queen Victoria in 1880 

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