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Stiles P. Armsbury (Daguerreian Artist, Adams, Jeff. Co., N. Y.) 
Advert for "Pro Bono Publico. Stiles P. Armsbury. Daguerreian Artist, Adams, Jeff. Co., N. Y." 
1858, 10 June 
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution 
Photographic History Collection 
"Pro Bono Publico."
Oh ! 't'was Daguerre, the Art did "gie us,"
To see ourselves as "ithers" see us.
LADIES and GENTLEMAN, one and all,
Please come this way and make a call;
Over the Bank my Rooms you'll find
And Pictures to, to please your mind.
Of self-praise, I will not boast,
But refer to the Shadows I hang on the post-
At the foot of the stairs, that you may know,
Into my Gallery, which way to go.
Then, give me a call ye GENT'S and LADIES fair !
And I'll take your Pictures with the greatest care.
One favor I ask - Oh ! do not wait
Until the sun sets, 'twill then be too late.
Altho' I have a superior sky light,
Yet Pictures I cannot take in the night.
So call in the morning or fore part of the day,
And I'll make you fine Pictures and send you away,
I'll make them on silver, leather, paper, sheet iron or glass;
And put them in cases as nice as you may ask,
So LADIES and GENTLEMEN, please give us a call.
My GALLERY has been thoroughly repaired,
And I lower the windows to keep it well aired.
My CAMERA has the German Achromatic Glasses,
And takes as natural as life the Lads and the Lasses,
I can make them good size, good color and shade,
And will finish them up so they never will fade.
I challenge competition from and artist in the Country,
And will show you some Pictures I'm offered a bounty,
But 'tho not master of this very fine ART,
Yet of my opponents I've eight years the start

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