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A Dark Tent for Dry-Palte Work. By W.W. Rouch and Co. 
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Published in "The British Journal of Photography", No.1042, Vol.XXVII, April 23, 1880, p.203
A Dark Tent For Dry-Palte Work. By W. W. Rouch And Co. Probably the majority of dry-plate workers will, on the first blush, fail to see the utility of a dark tent in connection with their particular branch of photography, considering that dry plates are generally supposed to be the substitute for the troublesome paraphernalia of which the tent forms a prominent item. But on second consideration it will be recognised that dry plates, like wet, require to be developed and, far more so than wet, the dry plates require that special conditions be observed in their treatment. In years past the travelling amateur has found it sufficient, when he has desired to develope a plate, to fix up a candle or night light surrounded by yellow or orange paper to give the necessary illumination. But with modern gelatine plates a somewhat more elaborate system is needful in order to secure perfect success The light suitable for the development of dry plates a few years ago is quite unfit for use at the present time; hence the necessity for some special arrangement.
This Messrs. Rouch and Co. have supplied in their dark tent for dryplate purposes, which is specially fitted up for the use of amateurs, or others who may be desirous of developing gelatine plates away from home. The tent is built on the model of the one with which, in connection with wet plate work, Messrs. Rouch's name has been so long associated; but the altered requirements of the dry-plate worker have been studied, and all that is unnecessary in bulk or in fittings removed. The result places an amateur, whether at home or travelling, in a position to develop his plates quite independently of " dark rooms" or any of the usual extempore substitutes. While extremely portable, the arrangements and fittings are complete; and to many amateurs, who cannot conveniently devote a room specially to the purpose, this will form a very good substitute for a "dark room." 

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