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Hugo Dane (patentee) 
A New Head-Rest, by Hugo Dane, of Berlin 
1881, 19 August 
Patent illustration 
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n.a., 19 August 1881, "Miscellaneous Notes", The British Journal of Photography, vol. XXVIII, no. 1111, p. 425
All nead-rests, since they were first invented, have been constructed on the same principle. Here, at last, a new line has been struck out by which the former stiff and unaccomodating head-rest is converted into a pliable, tractable instrument, which can be adjusted to every movement of the human body.
In the very heavy foot A the end of the tubular piece B C terminates in a ball B, which moves in a socket, and the tube B C can be placed in any desired position, upright or sloping, and fixed in that position by means of the winged screw S. This screw is slackened or tightened by simply pressing strongly on the left or right wing of the screw with the foot. In the tube B C, as in all rests, moves the rod C D, upon which, when necessary, a back rest may be slid. At D the tubular piece D E terminates also in a ball-and-socket joint, fixed in position by means of a screw. At E the rod E F is inserted, which at F, by means of the third and weakest ball-and-socket joint, supports the bar F G, with the actual head-rest fork G. These three ball-and-socket joints, together with the two extensions at C and E, render the instrument a truly universal head-rest.
Herr Danz — who has frequently had occasion to photograph actors and dancers in the most difficult positions required by their roles—was guided by these exacting requirements to the construction of this rest, which now at last sets him free from the difficult and always imperfectly-effected removal by retouching of the headrest. The rest may be sunk far enough into the stand B C, as to supersede the necessity of having a special head-rest for children, while, at the same time, it pulls out quite sufficiently to be used for the more frequent sitter of adult height Herr Danz has obtained a patent in Germany for this instrument. 

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