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Walter B. Woodbury 
Walter Bentley Woodbury on Smart's tent 
1861, 15 February 
Magazine page 
Private collection 
Walter Bentley Woodbury "Photography in Java. Account of a short photographic ramble through the interior of the east end of the island." The Photographic News, 15 Feb, 1861, p. 78.
This was our first trial of Smart's tent, and as we had previously worked in a native-made affair, found everything very convenient, and easily put up or taken down; the only thing that might be improved is the window, which owing to its being placed too high, makes the development of negatives rather difficult, the light falling on the plate from above, instead of reaching it from below. The india-rubber folding-tray and washing-bottle will not stand long in this place, as on opening them they are generally all stuck together, and are with great difficulty separated. The tent is as good as can be desired for working wet collodion, with these exceptions, the later of which would probably not occur in an European climate
Curatorial note: The spelling is incorrect and should be Smartt's tent. 

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