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James M. Ford 
Exterior view of Ford's Daguerrean Gallery, 202 and 203 Clay Street, San Francisco 
1854-1857 (ca) 
Archives of Modern Conflict OR National Gallery of Canada 
On January 16, 1853 the following item was posted in the Daily Alta California (San Francisco; Vol. IV, No. 16):
F O R D ' S D A G U E R R E A N G A L L E R Y
D on't you remember "The Old Folks at Home,"
A nd the young ones--the wives and the fair ones so dear?
G rey hairs, rosy cheeks, deep sighs and the tear,
U nbidden that fell when you left far to roam?
E ach kind word, that they spoke, and each uplifted prayer,
R evoked, for thy safety and final success,
R eprinted kisses! the hands gentle press!
E ach long, loving look! the last words of the fair!
O h! yes, you remember; then do not forget
T o procure a memento, to please young and old,
Y ou know they expect it from the land of gold.
P er express or by post, neither seldom do fail,
E xpress is the surest, but cheaper by mail.

M ementos are numerous, from which to select,
I ntrinsic their value, may dazzle the eye,
N or do they lack richness, may've been drawn as a prize
I n a raffle or lott'ry, and not a defect.
A ll different opinions, we give them a place,
T ho' in our opinion, and we think we are right,
U ndoubtedly best is a DAGUERREOTYPE:
R emember, FORD'S Gallery's by odds the best place,
E ver there, ever ready, he invites you, come and see,
S outh side of Clay street, 202 and 3.
N.B. Don't forget the place, 202 and 203 Clay street. En-
trance first door below the new Post Office.      de25-1m
[This was originally posted by Gary W. Ewer to the DagNews website - 01-16-97]
The dating of this photograph is based upon the information provided in Craig's Daguerreian Registry ( that James M. Ford opened this gallery in September 1854 and sold it "probably as early as 1857" to Samuel P. Howes. 

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