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Rudolf Eickemeyer 
Lilies (Fleur-de-lis) 1894 
[Die Kunst in der Photographie (Art Folio #5)] 
Photogravure, Chine-collé 
19.8 x 15.6 cm 
Photograph courtesy 
Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr. (New York)
Heliographed (Plate) & Printed by: Meisenbach, Riffarth & Co. (Berlin)
In 1900, the critc Sadakichi Hartmann discussed Eickemeyer's "foreground" nature studies, including the one shown here. This is an excerpt from an essay titled: "Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr.: Master of the Foreground" and reprinted in The Valiant Knights of Daguerre; Selected Critical Essays on Photography and Profiles of Photographic Pioneers (University of California Press: 1978)
..."But it is, I venture to think, in his foreground studies that Eickemeyer gives the most convincing and most interesting proofs of his talent. There he shows himself a true lover of nature. Three out of four of his foreground studies would pass the scrutiny of the most exacting critic. They point out how little material is really required to make a successful picture. Two or three fern fronds, a stretch of bramble and a cluster of flowers are amply sufficient. The pictorial value of a foreground study depends nearly entirely on selection of the right spot, and this gift Eickemeyer possesses to a rare degree; and his love of nature makes him at times unconsciously, despite the wise lore he has stored in his mind, a poet, as, for instance, in those magnificent "Fleur de Lys." In my opinion it is one of the best photographs ever produced in America, and only second to Stieglitz's "Winter on Fifth Avenue." from pages 195-196. 

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