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Ron Rosenstock 

Ron Rosenstock‘s images are uniformly simple in content and direct in execution; nothing missing, nothing extra, no cleverness, no embellishments or exaggerations, no contrived drama.
However, though they are simple, straightforward views of sometimes-iconic scenes, these photographs should not be viewed too quickly! Their very lack of visual complexity places a burden upon us. One must be truly open and present to the images, before their subtleties can convey inherent deeper truths and meaning. We must move slowly through the selections.
Looking patiently and quietly at these prints may allow the viewer to enter into the same realm of quiet experience of life and heightened sense of being that Ron so evidently finds capable of immersing himself in, while working with camera.
Eloquent light, fleeting instants of revelation responded to, indicators pointing heavenward, the subtle influences of weather and tide changes, small details perceived and examined, and the repeating shapes and forms in his photographs all speak clearly of Mr. Rosenstock‘s ability to stand aside from the habitual confines of personality and demands of intellect, so as to allow deeply felt spiritual forces . the energies of nature in time and place . to manifest themselves through his precise composition and masterful use of photographic materials.
I think it accurate to say that devoting time and attention to the peace, tranquility and sense of presence seen in so many of Ron‘s prints will inevitably have a profound effect on us. Perhaps we will find an antidote to the news of violence that seems so prevalent; perhaps reunification with a lost appreciation for simple beauty; maybe contact with a long buried childhood fascination and awe for the structure and nuances of nature. Then, too, perhaps our reward will be renewed awareness of our collective and individual places in history.
Above all, Ron invites us to experience life stripped of artifice and fiction: to simply be here - now - in humbleness, seeing brief glimpses of that mysterious ‘something‘ that falls beyond the usual grasp of our understanding; beyond the surface impressions we take so literally as being all of life.
Paul R. Turnbull
Executive Director
Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography 



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