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Greenland Expedition: Where Ice Is Born 
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Product Details 
160 pages 
Creative Publishing International 
Published 2000 
On May 16, 1997, adventurer Lonnie Dupre and his Australian exploration partner, John Hoelscher, set off from Paamiut, Greenland, to circumnavigate the world's largest island using only the traditional methods of kayak and dog sledge. "Do we have all our ducks in a row?" Dupre wondered. "Or is this a suicide mission? Can our kayaks handle the long journey and seas ahead of us?" These worries were certainly justified; by the third day fatigue began to set in from negotiating heavy ice caps. By day nine, Hoelscher was experiencing symptoms of mild hypothermia. With perseverance, however, the courageous duo traveled some 3,200 miles of Greenland, a country roughly 14 times the size of England. Students followed the expedition's progress on the Internet and learned about the indigenous Inuit culture of Greenland: "Kiviaq," the explorers reported, "is a bird caught and fermented for six months in sealskin, feathers and all. When the sealskin is opened, the smell and taste is similar to that of bleu cheese." 
Fashioned in the tradition of both the photo-essay and travel journal, Greenland Expedition provides the best of both worlds. The reader can view the immense, raw beauty of Greenland from the safety of a warm living room, without risking life and limb dodging house-sized chunks of icebergs in a sea kayak. Moreover, the pictures and narration open a window onto a land little known to the rest of the world. Author Dupre suffered the worst of towering sea swells, minus-57-degree weather, and 100-mile-an-hour winds to transport the land "where ice is born" into the homes of students and readers. He does so in a beautifully unadorned way, in no small part influenced by the Inuit way of life that he so admires. --David Rhoades  
Book Description 
Author, adventurer Lonnie Dupre readily confesses that the spirit of adventure lives strong within his soul. And over the years he has answered its beckoning call many times. But none of those adventures compare to the 15 months he and fellow explorer, John Hoelscher spent kayaking and dog sledding their way around the unexplored wilderness of Greenland. From cover to cover, this book is filled with breathtaking photographs that tell the visual story and help bring to life this extraordinary and dramatic real-world adventure. HIGHLIGHTS: **The foreword was written by fellow explorer and friend Will Steger.  
**Dramatic photos and text paint a true-life picture of the trials and tribulations of this awesome undertaking.  
**Offers insights into the lives of the people who call this harsh land home, and gives readers a feel of what life on this island is like on a day-to-day basis.  
**Includes sidebars that discuss the culture of Greenland, the schools, the villages and the importance of sledge dogs as the most recognized form of transportation.  
**Features maps that detail the route traveled by Dupre and Hoelscher.
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