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August Sander, Gypsy, [People of the 20th Century: Portraits of German Citizens 1910-1940], 1930 (ca), Gelatin silver print, Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Courtesy of the Kathleen Ewing Gallery/Washington DC, © Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archiv, Cologne; ARS, New York, 2007, LL/22883
9.01   Introduction to the portrait
9.02   Early examples of portraiture
9.03   Early stylistic choices with portraiture
Having a portrait taken
9.04   Portrait factory on Broadway, New York
9.05   Visit to Plumbe's Gallery, New York (1846)
9.06   Daguerreotypes: Occupations and roles
9.07   Daguerreotypes: Occupations and roles of women
9.08   Interesting group posed for a Daguerreotype by a friend of the family / Interesting and valuable result (1855)
9.09   Letter from W.L. Marcy, Secretary of War, to Major General Z. Taylor, Commanding Army of Occupation, Monterey, Mexico (5 October 1846)
Guidelines for sitters
9.10   Introduction for guidelines for sitters
9.11   Guidelines for sitters - Southworth & Hawes (1852)
9.12   Albert S. Southworth: Suggestions to Ladies Who Sit for Daguerreotypes (1854 and 1855)
9.13   Guidelines for sitters - Mons. Blume (Ireland)
9.14   William Notman: Photography. Things You Ought to Know (1866)
9.15   Guidelines for sitters - Jesse Gostick (1860)
9.16   Tintype: Hints for dress
9.17   Guidelines for sitters on cartes de visite
9.18   Hints to Sitters and Visitors - Ross' Photographic Gallery, Petaluma, California (1886)
9.19   Hints to Sitters - Newcombe & Baird, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1888)
9.20   Guidelines for sitters - American Journal of Photography (1890)
9.21   When being Photographed (1896)
Sitting for photography
9.22   Photographs taken during the same sitting
Complaints about quality
9.23   Complaints about portraiture
The risks of portraiture
9.24   The risks of portraiture to the sitter and the photographer
Daguerreotype portraits
9.25   W. & F. Langenheim: Daguerreotype portraits
9.26   Robert Cornelius: Daguerreotype portraits
9.27   Jeremiah Gurney: Daguerreotype portraits
9.28   Samuel Broadbent: Daguerreotype portraits
9.29   Southworth and Hawes: Daguerreotype portraits
9.30   Rufus P. Anson: Daguerreotype portraits
9.31   J.E. Mayall: Daguerreotype portraits
9.32   Antoine Claudet: Daguerreotype portraits
9.33   William Edward Kilburn: Daguerreotype portraits
9.34   Richard Beard: Daguerreotype portraits
9.35   Louis-Adolphe Humbert de Molard: Daguerreotype portraits
9.36   J.T. Zealy: African American slaves
9.37   Lorenzo G. Chase: Anthropological studies
Salt print portraits
9.38   Salt prints: Portraits
9.39   Hill & Adamson: Portraits
Ambrotype portraits
9.40   Ambrotypes: Portrait
9.41   Japanese ambrotypes
Studio portraits
9.42   Nadar: Portraits
9.43   Studio portraits in North Africa and the Middle East
The "Artistic" portrait
9.44   The "artistic" portrait
9.45   Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879): Portraits
9.46   Lady Clementina Hawarden: Photographic studies
So few smiles
9.47   Smiling in photography
The "helping hand" and the "hidden mother"
9.48   The "helping hand", "hidden mother" and "hidden father" portraits
Front and back views
9.49   Front and back view portraits
Carte de visite portraits
9.50   Introduction to cartes de visite portraits
9.51   André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri: Uncut carte de visite sheets
9.52   Cartes de visite: Celebrities
9.53   Giuseppe Garibaldi
9.54   Camille Silvy: Carte de visite portraits
Cabinet card portraits
9.55   Cabinet cards: Portraits
9.56   Cabinet cards: Celebrities
9.57   Thomas Houseworth: Houseworth's Celebrities
Tintype portraits
9.58   Tintypes: Portraits
9.59   Tin Type Album: Little gem tintypes
Galleries of the famous
9.60   Introduction to galleries of the famous
Galleries of the famous
9.61   Thompson Cooper, Lock & Whitfield: Men of Mark (1876-1883)
9.62   Lock and Whitfield (attributed): The Theatre (1877-1897)
9.63   Galerie Contemporaine, Litteraire, Artistique
9.64   Nadar: Galerie Contemporaine, Littéraire, Artistique
9.65   Paris - Artiste
9.66   Paris-Theatre / Paris-Portrait
9.67   Figaro-Album
9.68   Herbert Rose Barraud: Portraits
9.69   Pictorialism and the portrait
9.70   Pictorialism and the innocence of children
9.71   Clarence H. White: Portraits
The start of the colour portrait
9.72   Autochromes: Portrait
Modernism and the portrait
9.73   The move from Pictorialism to Modernism in portraiture
9.74   August Sander: Portraits
9.75   Helmar Lerski: Portraits
9.76   Erwin Blumenfeld: The concealed portrait
The portraiture of celebrity
9.77   Yousuf Karsh: Portraits
Vernacular portraits
9.78   Photobooth portraits
9.79   Mike Disfarmer: Heber Springs portraits
9.80   Joseph Selle's Fox Movie Flash: Mid-Century Street Vendor Photography
Bust portraits
9.81   Bust portraits
Humanistic portraiture
9.82   The Family of Man Exhibition (1955)
9.83   Gabriele and Helmut Nothhelfer: The first exhibition "Bali-Kino" Berlin (October 1974)
9.84   Gabriele and Helmut Nothhelfer: What‘s our Concern with Strangers?
Diversity in portraiture
9.85   Photographers who photograph representations of people
9.86   Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Street hustlers
9.87   Ruud van Empel: Portraits
9.88   The contemporary portrait
Defacing portraits
9.89   The defacing and destruction of portraits
9.90   Keeping abreast of changes in portraiture
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