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A template carte de visite explaining how to cut them to size and how to place them into an album., Carte de visite, Archives of Modern Conflict OR National Gallery of Canada, LL/9798
Cartes de visite
10025.01   Introduction to cartes de visite
10025.02   Cartes de visite: Women photographers
10025.03   Introduction to the carte de visite album
André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri
10025.04   André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri: The innovation of the carte de visite
10025.05   André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri: Uncut carte de visite sheets
10025.06   Camille Silvy: Carte de visite portraits
10025.07   Archibald Burns: Cartes de visite of Scotland
10025.08   John Thomson: China, cartes de visite (ca 1870)
10025.09   Abdullah frères: Turkey: Cartes de visite portraits
Card stock
10025.10   The card stock used for cartes de visite, cabinet cards and mounted photographs
10025.11   Carte de visite: Printers
10025.12   Cartes de visite: Proof stamps and proof copies
Fronts - Portraits
10025.13   Introduction to cartes de visite portraits
Placement of studio props, backgrounds and foregrounds
10025.14   Cartes de visite: Studio prop placement
10025.15   Cartes de visite: Backgrounds and foregrounds
10025.16   Cartes de visite: Babies and children
10025.17   Cartes de visite: Celebrities
10025.18   Cartes de visite: Politicians
10025.19   Cartes de visite: French royalty
10025.20   Cartes de visite: British royalty
10025.21   Cartes de visite: Occupations and roles
10025.22   Cartes de visite: Military
10025.23   Cartes de visite: Ethnic and traditional costumes
10025.24   Cartes de visite: Native Americans
10025.25   Cartes de visite: Spanish criminals (ca. 1870)
Fronts - Post-mortem portraits
10025.26   Cartes de visite: Post-mortem portraits
Fronts - Objects
10025.27   Cartes de visite: Objects
Fronts - Art
10025.28   Cartes de visite: Art
Fronts - Maps
10025.29   Cartes de visite: Maps
Fronts - Advertising
10025.30   Cartes de visite: Advertising
10025.31   Cartes de visite: Advertising for photographers
10025.32   Ranger & Austen: Clairvoyant Medical Examinations - Buffum & Cleveland
Fronts - Photographica
10025.33   Cartes de visite: Photographica
Fronts - Places
10025.34   Cartes de visite: Cityscapes
10025.35   Cartes de visite: Landscapes
Fronts - Events
10025.36   Cartes de visite: Events
Fronts - Nature
10025.37   Cartes de visite: Nature
Fronts - Scientific
10025.38   Cartes de visite: Scientific
10025.39   Cartes de visite: Humour
Fronts - Memorials
10025.40   Cartes de visite: Memorial portraits
Fronts - Manipulated
10025.41   Painted cartes de visite
10025.42   Cartes de visite: Multiple exposures
10025.43   Cartes de visite: Photomontage and photo collage
10025.44   C.W. Applegreen creates a composite photograph
10025.45   Juan Pedro Chabalgoity: Photo-collages on cartes de visite (ca 1875)
Uses of cartes de visite
10025.46   J.E. Mayall: Use of cartes de visite to support police investigations
10025.47   Contemporary uses of cartes de visite for employment
10025.48   Uses of cartes de visite to find a partner
10025.49   Cartes de visite: Etiquette
10025.50   Cartes de visite cameras
10025.51   A contemporary thought on the properties, accessories and novelties used in 19th studios
10025.52   Introduction to the backmarks of cartes de visite
Backs - Studios
10025.53   Cartes de visite: Backs: Photographic studios
10025.54   Cartes de visite: Backs: Photograph cars
10025.55   Cartes de visite: Backs: Cameras
10025.56   Cartes de visite: Backs: Photographic supplies
Backs - Patronage and awards
10025.57   Cartes de visite: Backs: Royal patronage
10025.58   Cartes de visite: Backs: Awards
Backs - Themes
10025.59   Cartes de visite: Backs: Additional products
10025.60   Cartes de visite: Backs: Change of business ownership
10025.61   Cartes de visite: Backs: Diverse occupations
10025.62   Cartes de visite: Backs: Product promotion
10025.63   Cartes de visite: Backs: Whimsy
10025.64   Cartes de visite: Backs: Women photographers
Backs - Services
10025.65   Cartes de visite: Backs: Negatives preserved, copies made and enlargements
10025.66   Cartes de visite: Backs: Teaching available
10025.67   Cartes de visite: Backs: Elevator available
Backs - Motifs
10025.68   Cartes de visite: Backs: Catalogue pages
10025.69   Cartes de visite: Backs: Shared graphic motifs
10025.70   Cartes de visite: Backs: Landscapes
10025.71   Cartes de visite: Backs: Strap and buckle
10025.72   Cartes de visite: Backs: Printed signatures
10025.73   Cartes de visite: Backs: Transportation
10025.74   Cartes de visite: Backs: Ribbons
10025.75   Cartes de visite: Backs: Egyptian motifs
10025.76   Cartes de visite: Backs: Plants
10025.77   Cartes de visite: Backs: Graphics that place photography with the arts
Backs - Geographical spread
10025.78   Cartes de visite: Backs: Geographical spread
Tissue guards
10025.79   Tissue guards
10025.80   Photograph frames for cartes de visite
10025.81   Cartes de visite and cabinet card photograph albums
10025.82   Directions for inserting cards into cartes de visite albums
10025.83   Examples of filler cards in cartes de visite albums
10025.84   Carte de visite mailers
10025.85   Cartes de visite boxes, cases, wallets and envelopes
10025.86   Cartes de visite: Storage and viewers
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