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Other: William Henderson 
Other: William Johnson 
Includes: William J. Johnson 
Active:  India
William Johnson started his photographic career as a daguerreotypist in Bombay, India and adopted the wet plate collodion process as daguerreotypes became obsolete. He worked in Bombay between 1852-1860. Went into partnership with William Henderson sometime in the mid 1850s, Henderson was already running his own commercial photographic studio in Bombay and probably influenced the change to the wet plate process. Their most important collaboration was the production of a monthly periodical illustrated with albumen photographs Indian Amateurs Photographic Album 1856 - 1858. Much of the work was by Johnson & Henderson as well as other photographers both amateur and professional. Johnson also authored and provided photographs for "‘Oriental Races & Tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay" (2 vols, London, 1863-1866).
William Johnson, 1863-66, The oriental races and tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay, (London: W.J. Johnson)
Vol. 1. Gujar‚t, Kutch, and K‚thiaw‚r
The copy at the British Library, India Office, shelfmark Photo 964/1 lists the plates as:
(1) Owdich Brahmins [Bombay]
(2) Nagur Brahmins [Bombay]
(3) Nagar Brahman Women [Bombay]
(4) Vallabhacharya Maharajas [Bombay]
(5) Rajpoots [Bombay]
(6) Bhats [Bombay]
(7) Khuwas and Golas [Bombay]
(8) Banians of Surat, Gogo, and Ahmedabad [at Bombay]
(9) Banians of Porebunder [at Bombay]
(10) Banians and Sonees of Damnuggur [at Bombay]
(11) Banian Women [Bombay]
(12) Ghur-Baree (house-holding) Gosaees [Bombay]
(13) Bhatias [Bombay]
(14) Lowana Women [Bombay]
(15) Sadhoos [Bombay]
(16) Khumbars of Kutch [Bombay]
(17) Kharavas [Bombay]
(18) The Dheds of Gujarat [at Bombay]
(19) Waghurees [Bombay]
(20) Parsis [Bombay]
(21) Parsee Women [Bombay]
(22) Mehmans [Bombay]
(23) Mehman Women [Bombay]
(24) Khojas [Bombay]
(25) Muhammadan Women of Surat [at Bombay]
(26) Bohoras [Bombay]
Vol. 2. Mah‚r‚shtra, or MarŠthŠ Country
The copy at the British Library, India Office, shelfmark Photo 964/2 lists the plates as:
(1) Brahmans of the Dakhan and Konkan [at Bombay]
(2) Marathi Brahman Women [Bombay]
(3) Brahman Laides of the Dakhan [at Bombay]
(4) Karnatika Brahmans [at Bombay]
(5) Vairagis, or Bairagis [Bombay]
(6) Gosavanis [Bombay]
(7) Parbhus, Sonars, and Somavansha-Kshatriyas [at Bombay]
(8) Parbhu Women of Bombaybr> (9) Marathas of the Dakhan [at Bombay]
(10) Marathi Women of Bombay
(11) Kamathis [at Bombay]
(12) Kamathi Women [at Bombay]
(13) The Kulis of the West of India [at Bombay]
(14) Fishwomen of Bombay
(15) The Agari Kulis of the Konkan [at Bombay]
(16) Chambhars [at Bombay]
(17) Mahars [at Bombay]
(18) Mangs [at Bombay]
(19) Muhammadans of the Dakhan and Konkan [ at Bombay]
(20) Muhammadan Women of the Konkan [at Bombay]
(21) Muhammadan Women of the Dakhan [at Bombay]
(22) Bene-Israel of Bombay
(23) Goanese Christians [at Bombay]
(24) Coonbies (Roman Catholics of Salsette) [at Bombay]
(25) Roman Catholic Women of Salsette [Bombay]

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