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Dates:  1838 - 1908, 27 November
Born:  England, London

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John Falconer, British Library 
A Biographical Dictionary of 19th Century Photographers in South and South-East Asia

Amateur, Sri Lanka
Born London, son of Dr John Hogg; entered Royal Engineers, Oct 1857. Captain, Jul 1872; Major, Oct 1877; Lieut-Col., Jul 1883; Colonel, Jul 1887; retired, Nov 1895. Served Corfu, De 1860 to Jun 1864, the latter part of his service engaged in demolition of fortifications in preparation for transfer of Ionian Islands to Greece; stationed at Chatham and Devonport, 1866-c.70; Ceylon, c.1870-c.74; (?)St Helena, 1874-8; Chatham, 1878-83; Portsmouth, as Sub-District C.R.E., 1883-8; placed on half-pay, 1888 and employed by Sir John Pender to investigate proposed railway lines in Texas and Mexico; appointed Colonel of the staff and C.R.E., Malta, 1889-94, and engaged in fortification work in progress under Imperial Defence Act. Stationed at Trincomalee 1871-2 and Anuradhapura 1874. During this latter posting he made a series of archaeological photographs. ‘He was a successful amateur photographer, and left a collection of beautiful photographs of places he had visited’ (Royal Engineers Journal).
[Ferguson’s Ceylon Almanacs; Royal Engineers Journal (pp.375-6, May 1909)]
[Foreign and Commonwealth Office Library]
J.R. Hogg, Photographs of Anuradhapura. Album 15/E2 in the library of the national Museum, Colombo. Album with letterpress captions pasted beneath. Many signed ‘J.R.H.’ in the negative with negative number. Prints numbered 1-145.
1-13 Ruwanweli Dagaba, Anuradhapura: Views, inscriptions, details of excavated portions
14-20 Abhayagir Dagaba: Views, pillars, Naga stones.
21 Isurumuniya Temple.
22 Pali inscription, Wesagiri Vihara.
23-25 Tantrimale: Samadhi Buddha in Willachhi Korli, Reclining Buddha.
26 Billagalla: Pali rock inscription.
27-30 Anuradhapura: Steps of pavilion between Ruwanweli and Thuparama Dagabas.
31-32 Anuradhapura: Wing of steps to west ofRuwanweli Dagaba and general view of steps.
33 Eppawala: inscribed slab.
34-35 Gallena Vihara, Negampaha Korle: inscribed column.
36 Alutgal Vihara near Mahavellanbadewille: inscription.
37-38 Sesserawa: rock-cut standing Buddha.
39-40 Aukana: rock-cut standing Buddha.
41-45 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, inscription.
46-50 Mihintale: inscribed slab, Ambustella Vihara.
51-55 Anuradhapura: Wesagiri Vihara, inscription slab.
56-59 Billagalla, Willachchi Korle, inscription slab.
60 Alutgal Vihara, Nuwaragam Korle, inscription slab.
61 Kuttikulam, Eppawala Korle: inscription slab.
62-65 Sessarawa: inscription slab.
66 Kele Diwulwewa, Eppowale korle: inscription slab.
67-75 Mihintale: inscription slabs: Pali (67), Sinhala (68, 72), Pali (73, 75)
76-78 Dunumadal Kanda, Kemda Korle: Pa;li inscription slabs.
79-81 Tammnakanda, Kenda Korle: Pali inscription (79-80), column (81).
82-85 Anuradhapura: image in Government Agent’s compound.
86 Anuradhapura: Sinhala inscription column.
87-88 Anuradhapura: face of dwarf column.
89-90 Anuradhapura: ‘Graeco-Buddhist’ sculpture.
91-95 Anuradhapura: four faces of dwarf column.
96 Anuradhapura: Bas-relief of figures worshipping snake.
97 Anuradhapura: Bas-relief of dwarf figures.
98-9 Anuradhapura: janitor stone.
100 Anuradhapura: Buddha bust on ground in Bo-tree enclosure.
101-2 Prinsep’s published table of pali alphabet.
103 Anuradhapura: Abhayagiri Dagaba from south.
104-10 Mihintale: Ruwanweli Dagaba: Sinhala inscription slab.
111 Kapirigamma: dagaba, Kenda Korle.
112 Dunumadala Kanda: cave temple façade.
113 Anuradhapura: Jetawanarama Dagaba from south-east corner of piazza.
114 Anuradhapura: Jetawanarama Dagaba, eastern altar.
115 Anuradhapura: Isurumuniya.
116 Anuradhapura: Isurumuniya, carvings.
117 Anuradhapura: Isuruminya, sculpture of lovers.
118 Anuradhapura: Isurumuniya, columns of porch.
119 Anuradhapura: Abhayagiri Dagaba, south corner of western altar.
120 Anuradhapura: Abhayagiri Dagaba, Naga stone and janitor stone.
121 Anuradhapura: Abhayagiri Dagaba, Naga stone and carved columns.
122 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, general view of excavations, October 1874, at eastern altar from north-east.
123 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, general view of excavations, October 1874, at eastern altar from south-east.
124 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, western altar from north-east.
125 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, eastern altar from north-east.
126 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, eastern altar from north-east.
127 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, old piazza escarpment from north-east corner.
128 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, general view of plinth restoration from north-east corner of piazza.
129 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, Temple of the Sun from north-west side of dagaba.
130 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, general view of south altar.
131 Anuradhapura: Ruwanweli Dagaba, detail of carved frieze on south altar.
132 Anuradhapura: Thuparama Dagaba from east.
133 Anuradhapura: Thuparama Dagaba, south-east corner of platform.
134 Anuradhapura: Kuttam Pokuna from south end.
135 Anuradhapura: Kuttam Pokuna, steps at south end south pool.
136 Anuradhapura: Kuttam Pokuna, steps at sourth end of north pool.
137 Anuradhapura: columns of Peacock Palace.
138 Anuradhapura: columns and janitor stone south of Thuparama Dagaba.
139-41 Anuradhapura: northern pavilion, west of Ruwanweli Dagaba.
142 Anuradhapura: southern pavilion on west side of Ruwanweli Dagaba.
143 Anuradhapura: north flight of steps to Bo-tree Pavilion.
144 Anuradhapura: Maha Sen’s Pavilion, west of Jetawanarama Dagaba.
145 Anuradhapura: Maha Sen’s Pavilion, flight of steps. 

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