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Rome, The Colosseum 
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Alan Griffiths
[Sidenote: A.D. 75 (a.u. 828)] [Sidenote:--Book 66, 15--] In the sixth year of Vespasian as magistrate and the fourth of Titus the precinct of Peace was dedicated and the so-called Colossus was set up on the Sacred Way. It is said to have been one hundred feet high, and to have had--according to one account--the figure of Nero, according to others that of Titus. Vespasian would often have beasts slain in the theatres. He did not particularly enjoy gladiatorial combats of men, although Titus during the youthful sports which were celebrated in his own land had once had a sham fight in heavy armor with Alienus.
Source: Cassius Dio, "Dio's Rome, Volume V., Books 61-76 (A.D. 54-211), An Historical Narrative Originally Composed In Greek During The Reigns Of Septimius Severus, Geta And Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus And Alexander Severus: And Now Presented In English Form By Herbert Baldwin Foster" 

Bassenge Photography Auctions, Bloomsbury Auctions - Rome, Charles Isaacs Photographs - Inc, Det Nationale Fotomuseum (National Museum of Photography), Fogg Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Library of Scotland, Private collection of Giovanni Fanelli, Private collection of Jan Weijers (Servatius), Private collection of Marco C. Antonetto, Private collection of Peter Spangenberg, Private Collection of Robert G. Hill - Toronto - Ont., Vintage-Photos.
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