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Unidentified photographer, Aztec Calendar, Mexico City, mounted in the side wall of the Cathedral of Mexico City, 1839 (ca), Daguerreotype, whole plate, George Eastman Museum, LL/54409
626.01   Introduction to archaeological photography
Traveling through the Ancient and Classical World
626.02   Photographers on the Grand Tour
626.03   Karl Baedeker's Handbooks for Travellers
626.04   Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey: The Ancient and Classical World
626.05   Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours: Excursions daguerriennes : vues et monuments les plus remarquables du globe (1842)
626.06   Louis de Clercq: Voyage en Orient (1860)
626.07   Duc de Luynes: Voyage d'Exploration a la Mer Morte a Petra et sur la River Gauche du Jourdain (1868-74)
626.08   Adolph Schaefer: The Buddhist monument at Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia (1844-1845)
626.09   Luigi Pesce: Archaeological sites of Persia (1850s)
626.10   Gabriel Tranchard: The excavations of Victor Place at Khorsabad, Iraq (1850s)
626.11   Richard Banner Oakeley: The Pagoda of Hallibeed (1859)
626.12   Major [Robert] Gill & James Fergusson: One Hundred Stereoscopic Illustrations of Architecture and Natural History in Western India (1864)
626.13   Pierre Tremaux: Exploration archéologique en Asie Mineure (1862-ca.1868)
626.14   Émile Gsell: Cambodia: Angkor
626.15   John Thomson: Cambodia: Angkor Thom / Angkor Wat (1866)
626.16   John Thomson: The Antiquites of Cambodia (1867)
626.17   Edmund David Lyon: Indian architecture (1860s-1860s)
626.18   Alexander Svoboda: The Seven Churches of Asia (1869)
626.19   John Henry Ravenshaw: Gaur; its Ruins and Inscriptions (1878)
626.20   Thomas Biggs: Architecture at Ahmedabad, the Capital of Goozerat (1866)
626.21   John Henry Haynes: Syria: Palmyra
626.22   Lala Deen Dayal: Photographs for Sir Lepel Griffin "Famous Monuments of Central India" (1886)
626.23   Turkestan Album: Archaeology in Central Asia (1871-1872)
626.24   The Archaeological Survey of India
626.25   Isidore van Kinsbergen: The archaeology of Java
626.26   C.H. Graves: Boroebodor. Ruins of the world's greatest Buddhist temple, Java. (1902)
626.27   Palestine: Megiddo: Aerial archaeological surveying with a balloon (1930s)
626.28   Erich F. Schmidt: Flights Over Ancient Cities of Iran (taken 1935-1937, published 1940)
Central America
626.29   John L. Stephens: Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (1843)
626.30   Désiré Charnay: Cités et Ruines Americaines. Atlas (1863)
626.31   Désiré Charnay: Mexico: Uxmal
626.32   Désiré Charnay: Mexico: Mitla
626.33   Désiré Charnay: Mexico: Chichen-Itza
626.34   Dr. Augustus and Alice Le Plongeon: Archaeological research in Mexico (1870s)
626.35   Alfred Percival Maudslay: Guatemala: Quiriguá
626.36   Alfred Percival Maudslay: Mexico: Chiapas: Palenque
626.37   Charles Betts Waite: Mexico: Mitla
626.38   Teoberto Maler: Views of Aztec, Maya, and Zapotec ruins in Mexico
South America
626.39   Arthur Posnansky: Archaeological remains at Tihuanaco, Bolivia (1903-1904)
North America
626.40   Thomas Easterly: The Destruction of Big Mound (1853-1854)
626.41   Massachusetts: Dighton Rock
626.42   HMS Topaze and Easter Island, Chile (1868)
626.43   Martin Chambi: Peru - Macchu Picchu
626.44   Edward Ranney: Archaeological sites of Peru
Italy - Rome
626.45   Italy: Rome: The Colosseum
626.46   Italy: Rome: Arch of Constantine
626.47   Italy: Rome: Forum Romanum
626.48   Italy: Rome: Forum Traiani
626.49   Robert Macpherson: The monuments of Rome
626.50   Robert Macpherson: The statues of Rome
626.51   James Anderson: The monuments of Rome and is surroundings
626.52   John Henry Parker: Recent Excavations in Rome: Made in 1868
626.53   John Henry Parker: Selections from Mr. Parker's Historical Photographs of Rome and Italy, arranged in systematic order, with prefaces to each subject (1879)
Italy - Pompeii
626.54   Italy: Pompeii
626.55   John Shaw Smith: Pompeii
626.56   Thomas H. Dyer: The Ruins of Pompeii. A Series of Eighteen Photographic Views (1867)
626.57   Giorgio Sommer: Pompeii
626.58   Michele Amodio: Pompeii
626.59   Auguste Lesouëf: Pompeii (1880)
626.60   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Parthenon
626.61   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Erechtheion
626.62   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Propylaia
626.63   Greece: Athens: Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)
626.64   Dmitri Constantine: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens
626.65   Alfred-Nicolas Normand: Greece
626.66   Mission Héliographique
626.67   Philip Henry Delamotte: Illustrations of Roman mosaics assisted by Talbotype copying and reduction (1850)
626.68   England: Stonehenge
626.69   Major-General Sir Henry James R.E., F.R.S.: Plans and photographs of Stonehenge, and of Turusachan in the Isle of Lewes; with notes relating to the druids and sketches of cromlechs in Ireland (1867)
Egypt - Archaeological sites
626.70   Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza
626.71   Egypt: Climbing the Pyramids
626.72   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Lantern slides and other photographs of Egypt
626.73   Egypt: The Sphinx
626.74   Egypt: Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), Sakkarah (Saqqara)
626.75   Egypt: Colossi of Memnon
626.76   Egypt: Dendara
626.77   Egypt: Edfou
626.78   Egypt: Karnak
626.79   Egypt: Kom Ombo
626.80   Egypt: Luxor
626.81   Egypt: Philae
626.82   Egypt: Thebes
626.83   Egypt: Thebes: Medinet Habu - Medinet Haboo (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III)
626.84   Egypt: Valley of the Kings
626.85   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia
626.86   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
626.87   H. Béchard: The Pyramids
626.88   The Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan (1905-1907)
626.89   Photographing in the interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel (1906)
626.90   Photographing the Temple of Amun and Amunhotep III at Soleb (1907)
626.91   Charles Jacquin (French): Autochromes of Egyptian archaeological sites (ca 1912)
Egypt - Archaeological finds
626.92   Egypt: Wall art, bas-relief, hieroglyphics and graffiti
626.93   Egypt: Cleopatra's Needle
Egypt - Use of magnesium light
626.94   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Use of magnesium light at the Great Pyramid (1865)
626.95   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Photography, Magnesium, and the Pyramid (1865)
626.96   Charles Piazzi Smyth: As soon as it was discovered that photography was possible by magnesium... (1865)
Israel and Palestine / The Holy Land
626.97   George Skene Keith: Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion (1859)
626.98   Auguste Salzmann: Jerusalem
626.99   Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem
626.100   Ordnance Survey of the Peninsula of Sinai
626.101   American Palestine Exploration Society
626.102   Palestine Exploration Fund
Archaeological excavations
626.103   Archaeological excavations in progress
626.104   Epigraphy - Squeezes of inscriptions
Archaeological finds and museum displays
626.105   Introduction to archaeological finds
626.106   Délié & Béchard: Album du Musée Boulaq
626.107   Emil Brugsch: La Trouvaille de Deir-El-Bahari
626.108   Roger Fenton: The British Museum
626.109   Stephen Thompson: British Museum
626.110   Giorgio Sommer: The ash-covered remains from Pompeii
626.111   John Edward Lee: Roman Imperial Photographs being a selection of forty enlarged Photographs of Roman Coins (1874)
626.112   Underwood & Underwood: Classical and Renaissance sculptures
626.113   Paris-Stereo: Vues d'Italie (1920)
626.114   Conclusions on archaeology
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