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Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, 87. Fo¹ah, 1842. pris de l'Ile, 1842, Daguerreotype, Christie's - New York, Christies - NY (Sale: 2396, Lot: 40 - Oct 7, 2010 - A Historic Photographic Grand Tour: Important Daguerreotypes by Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey), LL/39314
Remnants of the Ancient and Classical world
342.01   Introduction to Remnants of the Ancient and Classical world
Travelers to the Ancient and Classical World
342.02   Photographers on the Grand Tour
342.03   Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey: The Ancient and Classical World
342.04   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East (1862)
Egypt: Archaeological sites
342.05   Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza
342.06   Egypt: Climbing the Pyramids
342.07   Egypt: The Sphinx
342.08   Egypt: Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), Sakkarah (Saqqara)
342.09   Egypt: Colossi of Memnon
342.10   Egypt: Dendara
342.11   Egypt: Edfou
342.12   Egypt: Karnak
342.13   Egypt: Kom Ombo
342.14   Egypt: Luxor
342.15   Egypt: Philae
342.16   Egypt: Thebes
342.17   Egypt: Thebes: Medinet Habu - Medinet Haboo (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III)
342.18   Egypt: Valley of the Kings
Egypt - Photographers
342.19   Jules Itier: Egypt
342.20   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia
342.21   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia: Negatives
342.22   Louis de Clercq: Egypt
342.23   Maxime du Camp: Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie (1852)
342.24   John Beasly Greene: Le Nil (1854)
342.25   Francis Frith: Books on Egypt, Sinai and Palestine
342.26   Francis Frith: Egypt
342.27   Francis Frith: Stereoviews: Egypt, Nubia and the Middle East
342.28   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East - Egypt (1862)
342.29   Gustave Le Gray: Egypt
342.30   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
342.31   H. Béchard: The Pyramids
342.32   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Lantern slides and other photographs of Egypt
The difficulties of photographing archaeological sites
342.33   The Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan (1905-1907)
342.34   Photographing in the interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel (1906)
342.35   Photographing the Temple of Amun and Amunhotep III at Soleb (1907)
Egypt: Archaeological finds
342.36   Egypt: Wall art, bas-relief, hieroglyphics and graffiti
342.37   Egypt: Cleopatra's Needle
342.38   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Parthenon
342.39   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Erechtheion
342.40   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Propylaia
342.41   Greece: Athens: Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)
342.42   Alfred-Nicolas Normand: Greece
342.43   William J. Stillman: Athens: Acropolis (1868-1870)
342.44   Walter Hege: Greece: Athens: The Acropolis (1928-1930)
Italy: Rome
342.45   Italy: Rome: The Colosseum
342.46   Italy: Rome: Arch of Constantine
342.47   Italy: Rome: Forum Romanum
342.48   Pierre-Ambroise Richebourg: Rome
342.49   Italy: Rome: Forum Traiani
342.50   Robert Macpherson: The monuments of Rome
342.51   James Anderson: The Roman Forum
342.52   James Anderson: The Colosseum
342.53   John Henry Parker: Recent Excavations in Rome: Made in 1868
342.54   Carlo Baldassare Simelli: Rome
342.55   Robert Rive: Rome
342.56   Michele Amodio: Pompeii
Italy: Pompeii
342.57   John Shaw Smith: Pompeii
342.58   Giorgio Sommer: Pompeii
342.59   Auguste Lesouëf: Pompeii (1880)
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