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14.01   Introduction to art and photography
Artists and photographers
14.02   Artists at work
14.03   The encounters between the London Daguerreotypist John Jabez Mayall and the artist John Turner (1847-1849)
14.04   John Thomson: A Chinese portrait artist, Hong Kong
14.05   Nineteenth century Japanese artists and colourists
14.06   Honoré Daumier: Prints and cartoons
14.07   Edward Linley Sambourne: Photographs as a source for cartoons and illustrations
14.08   How artists have portrayed lanternists, photographers and photography
14.09   Photographers and photography in Japan depicted in art
14.10   Using grids to create art
Drawing and optical devices
14.11   Drawing and optical devices
14.12   Camera lucida: Design and use
14.13   The camera lucida
14.14   Camera obscura: Design and use
14.15   Portable camera obscura
14.16   Cliché verre
Associating photography with the arts
14.17   Cartes de visite: Backs: Graphics that place photography with the arts
14.18   Cabinet cards: Backs: Graphics that place photography with the arts
Publications that did, or said they did, use daguerreotypes as the basis for their illustrations
14.19   The influence of the daguerreotype upon art
14.20   Paris et ses Environs Reproduits par le Daguerrotype, Sous la Direction de M. Ch. Philipon (Paris: Chez Aubert et Cie, 1840)
14.21   Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours: Excursions daguerriennes : vues et monuments les plus remarquables du globe (1842)
14.22   Adolphe Duperly: Daguerian Excursions in Jamaica (ca 1844)
14.23   Bruges, ses Monuments et ses Tableaux, edited by Daveluy (Bruges, Daveluy, 1855)
Using photography to copy two dimensional artworks
14.24   Joseph Nicéphore Niépce: Cardinal d'Amboise
14.25   Photographing art: Works on paper and canvas
14.26   William Sterling: Annals of the Artists of Spain (1848)
14.27   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Notice of an Illuminated Vellum Manuscript
Printing works for photographic reproductions
14.28   Louis-Désiré Blanquart-Evrard: reproductions of works of art
14.29   Adolphe Braun - A Continental Printing Establishment (1874)
Microphotographs of art
14.30   Art and microphotographs
Copyright of photographs of artworks
14.31   International Copyright of Photographs - Messrs. Braun and Co. (17 August 1888)
14.32   International Copyright of Photographs - Messrs. Braun and Co. (24 August 1888)
14.33   International Copyright of Photographs - Judgement - Messrs. Braun and Co. (21 September 1888)
Photographic art
14.34   Cartes de visite: Art
Photographing sculpture
14.35   Photographing art: Sculpture
Use of photography as an aid to art
14.36   Hill & Adamson: Disruption of the Church of Scotland (1843)
14.37   Oil paintings by Gustave Courbet based upon photographs
14.38   Julien Vallou de Villeneuve: Étude d'après nature, modèle pour Les Baigneuses
14.39   Alphonse Marie Mucha: Artist studies - Académies
14.40   Académies and the use of artist studies of models to assist artists
14.41   Artistic studies of nude women
14.42   Eugène Durieu: Artist studies - Académies
14.43   Vincenzo Galdi: Artist studies - Académies
14.44   Artistic studies of nude men
14.45   Jacques de Lalaing: Using photographs to create art
14.46   Giraudon's artist: Rural studies
14.47   Combining a daguerreotype with a miniature to create a painting (1848)
Painting on photographs
14.48   Introduction to painting on photographs
Visual connections between art and photography
14.49   Paintings and prints based on photographs or vice versa
14.50   Photographs based on known paintings
14.51   Painted photographs by known artists
14.52   Aestheticism
14.53   Thomas Eakins: The Swimming Hole
14.54   Edgar Degas: After the Bath
14.55   Georg Hendrik Breitner: Using photography as an aid to painting
14.56   Photographs that are stylistically similar to paintings
14.57   Dora Maar: Photo Report of the Evolution of “Guernica” (May - June 1937)
14.58   Saul Leiter: Painted nudes
14.59   Neil Folberg: The French Impressionists
14.60   Robert Weingarten: Palettes (2004-2008)
Portraiture and art
14.61   The "artistic" portrait
14.62   Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879): Portraits
14.63   Oscar Gustave Rejlander: Two Ways of Life
14.64   Mimicing art within Pictorialism
Paints in tubes
14.65   Preserving paint in collapsible tubes
The connections between photography and landscape art
14.66   Paintings and prints based upon paintings or vice versa - The road to Chailly (Forests of Fontainebleau)
14.67   Paintings and prints based upon paintings or vice versa - The Bodmer Oak (Forests of Fontainebleau)
Using Autochromes for early colour art photography
14.68   Autochromes: Art
Artists of the twentieth century and photography
14.69   Salvador Dali
14.70   Photographers who have taken portrait series on artists
Photography as a means of documenting art
14.71   Land art
14.72   Conceptual photography
14.73   Performance art
Looking at art
14.74   Looking at art
14.75   Exhibitions on the relationships between art and photography
14.76   Conclusions to art and photography
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