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William H. Martin, Perils of the Plains - 1852, 1909 (copyright), Postcard, Private collection of John Toohey, LL/52206
Native Americans
204.01   Native Americans
Payment and control of representation
204.02   Native Americans and their control of their representation
204.03   Edward P. Tobie: Photographing Indians
Early studies
204.04   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Native Americans
204.05   Maungwudaus (George Henry)
204.06   Stereoviews: Native Americans
204.07   Tintypes: Ethnic: Native Americans
204.08   Cartes de visite: Native Americans
204.09   Cabinet cards: Ethnic: Natives Americans
Vanishing world
204.10   Native American: The search for the Vanishing Race and a vanishing world
Photographers of Native Americans
204.11   Indigenous photographers of North America
204.12   Photographers of Native Americans
204.13   Alexander Gardner: Ogallalla Sioux (May, 1872)
204.14   William Henry Jackson: Portraits of American Indians (1876)
204.15   De Lancey W. Gill: Native Americans
204.16   Frederick Monsen: Native Americans
204.17   Joel E. Whitney: Native Americans
204.18   Camillus S. Fly: Native Americans
204.19   Eadweard Muybridge: The Indians of California
204.20   Byron H. Gurnsey: Native Americans
204.21   John K. Hillers: Native Americans
204.22   C.R. Savage: Native Americans
204.23   Elias A. Bonine: Native Americans
204.24   Charles F. Lummis: Native Americans
204.25   Frank Jay Haynes: Native Americans
204.26   Adam Clark Vroman: Native Americans
204.27   Carl Moon: Native Americans
204.28   Prince Roland Napoléon Bonaparte: Collection anthropologique du Prince Roland Bonaparte, Peaux Rouges (before 1884)
204.29   William McFarlane Notman: Canada: First Nations
204.30   Frank Rinehart and Adolph F. Muir: Native Americans
204.31   Frank Rinehart and Adolph F. Muhr: Attendees of the 1898 Indian Congress
204.32   Gertrude Käsebier: Native Americans
204.33   Laura Gilpin: New Mexico and Arizona
204.34   Edward S. Curtis: Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899)
204.35   Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian
204.36   Edward S. Curtis and Pictorialism
204.37   Edward S. Curtis: Photograph frames
204.38   Joseph Kossuth Dixon: The Vanishing Race (1925)
204.39   Walter McClintock: The Blackfoot of Montana and their environment
Warriors and celebrity
204.40   North American Indian Wars: Portraits of Native American leaders
Indian delegations
204.41   Indian delegations
204.42   John K. Hillers: Native American settlements
Enforced acculturation
204.43   John N. Choate: Indian Training School, Carlisle, PA
Indian wars
204.44   North American Indian Wars: Introduction
204.45   North American Indian Wars: The photography of aftermath
204.46   Modoc War (1872-1873)
Contemporary photographers
204.47   Gary Auerbach: Native Americans
Contemporary trends
204.48   The inappropriate usage of Native American imagery
204.49   First Nations and contemporary art and photography
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A wider gazeRelated topics 
Anthropology and ethnology 
Modoc War (1872-1873) 
North American Indian Wars (1860-1900) 
Key dates 
North American Indian Wars (1860-1900) 
Modoc War (1872-1873) 
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