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Unidentified photographer, Interior of Upper End of Adult Thigh-Bone., 1879 (ca, or later) 1889 (published), Photomechanical print, Rijksmuseum, RP-F-2001-7-1095-2, LL/79286
Tipped-in photographs and books illustrated with photographs
897.01   Introduction to tipped-in photographs and books illustrated with photographs
897.02   Books illustrated with salt prints
897.03   Books illustrated with albumen prints
897.04   Books illustrated with collotypes
897.05   Books illustrated with woodburytypes
897.06   Anna Atkins: Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype impressions (1843-1854)
897.07   Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature (1844-1846)
897.08   Henry Fox Talbot: Sun Pictures in Scotland (1845)
897.09   Hill & Adamson: A Series of Calotype Views - St. Andrews (1846)
897.10   Nicolaas Henneman: Talbotypes or Sun Pictures, Taken From The Actual Objects Which They Represent (1847)
897.11   William Sterling: Annals of the Artists of Spain (1848)
897.12   Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851 (1852)
897.13   Anna Atkins: Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Flowering Plants and Ferns (ca. 1854)
897.14   Constantin v. Ettingshausen and A. Pokorny: Physiotypia plantarum austriacarum (1855-1856)
897.15   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Teneriffe - An Astronomer’s Experiment (1857)
897.16   W.H. Olley: The wonders of the microscope photographically revealed, by means of Olley's patent micro-photographic reflecting process. (1857-1861)
897.17   Linnaeus Tripe: Stereographs of Madura...with descriptions by the Rev. W. Tracy, M.A. (1858)
897.18   Richard Banner Oakeley: The Pagoda of Hallibeed (1859)
897.19   John Mounteney Jephson: Narrative of a Walking Tour in Brittany (1859)
897.20   Roger Fenton: The Conway in the Stereoscope (1860)
897.21   William Despard Hemphill: The Abbeys, Castles, and Scenery of Clonmel and the Surrounding Countryside (1860)
897.22   William Morris Grundy: Sunshine in the Country: A Book of Rural Poetry (1861)
897.23   J.-E.-H., Bon Le Couteulx de Canteleu: La Chasse du loup, par,... avec des planches photographiées d'après nature par Crémière, Hanfstaengel et Platel (1861)
897.24   Pierre Petit: Les figures du temps, notices biographiques / photographies de Pierre Petit… (1861)
897.25   Balmanno Squire: A Manual of the Diseases of the Skin (1862)
897.26   Francis Frith: Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, Illustrated with One Hundred Stereoscopic Photographs (1862)
897.27   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East (1862)
897.28   Franck: Ces Petites Dames de Theatre (1862)
897.29   William and Mary Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain (1862)
897.30   Andreas Groll: Die Vorzüglichsten Rüstungen und Waffen der K. K. Ambraser-Sammlung (1862)
897.31   Francis Frith: The Holy Bible (1862-1863)
897.32   William Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain and Ireland, Second Series (1864)
897.33   Theophilus Smith: Wharncliffe, Wortley, and the valley of the Don (1864)
897.34   Edward Bierstadt: Photographic Illustrations Of Skin Diseases (1864)
897.35   Major [Robert] Gill & James Fergusson: One Hundred Stereoscopic Illustrations of Architecture and Natural History in Western India (1864)
897.36   Philip Henry Egerton: Journal of a Tour Through Spiti, To The Frontier of Chinese Thibet, With Photographic Illustrations (1864)
897.37   Henry Moulton: Rays of Sunlight from South America (1865)
897.38   Francis Frith: Illustrations for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Hyperion (1865)
897.39   Emile de La Bédollière & Ildefonse Rousset: Le tour de Marne / décrit et photographie´ par Émile de la Bédollière et Ildefonse Rousset (1865)
897.40   Alexander Gardner's Photographic Sketchbook of the War (1866)
897.41   George W. Bennett: An illustrated history of British Guiana compiled from various authorities (1866)
897.42   Eugène Charles de Gayffier: Herbier Forestier de la France (1867)
897.43   Major-General Sir Henry James R.E., F.R.S.: Plans and photographs of Stonehenge, and of Turusachan in the Isle of Lewes; with notes relating to the druids and sketches of cromlechs in Ireland (1867)
897.44   Thomas H. Dyer: The Ruins of Pompeii. A Series of Eighteen Photographic Views (1867)
897.45   William Johnson & William Henderson: The Oriental races and tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay (published 1863-1866)
897.46   J. Forbes Watson & John William Kaye (eds.): The People of India (1868-1872)
897.47   Roger Fenton: The Works of Roger Fenton - Landscapes (Frith - Reigate) (ca 1868)
897.48   Amateur [Edward J. Woolsey]: Specimens of fancy turning : executed on the hand or foot lathe : with geometric, oval, and eccentric chucks, and elliptical cutting frame (1869)
897.49   J. Redding Ware: Isle of Wight (1869)
897.50   Alexander Svoboda: The Seven Churches of Asia (1869)
897.51   John Thomson: Views on the North River (1870)
897.52   Charles O. Groom Napier: The Book of Nature and The Book of Man (1870)
897.53   Paris Commune Album (1871)
897.54   Henry W. Taunt: The River Thames (1872)
897.55   Alexander Gardner: Ogallalla Sioux (May, 1872)
897.56   George M. Mowbray [stereoviews by H.D. Ward]: Tri-Nitro-glycerine, as Applied in the Hoosac Tunnel Submarine Blasting, Etc. (1872)
897.57   William E. Marshall: Travels amongst the todas or the study of a primitive tribe in South India, their history, character, customs, religion, infanticide, polyandry, language; with outlines of the Tuda grammar (1873)
897.58   William Bradford, John Dunmore and George Critcherson: The Arctic Regions (1873)
897.59   William Notman: Our birds of prey: or, The eagles, hawks, and owls of Canada By Henry G. Vennor ... With 30 photographic illustrations by Wm. Notman (1876)
897.60   Edward Bierstadt: Gems of American Scenery, consisting of Stereoscopic Views among the White Mountains (1878)
897.61   Dr Guillaume-Amant Duchenne de Boulogne and Adrien Tournachon: Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine, ou analyse électrophysiologique des passions (1876)
897.62   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
897.63   H.P. Smith; Judd & McLeish (photographers), 1878, Syracuse and Its Surrounding (1878)
897.64   I.W. Taber: The Taber photographic album of principal business houses, residences and persons (1880)
897.65   Paolo Mantegazza & Stephen Sommier: Studii antropologici sui Lapponi (1880)
897.66   Herbert Boucher Dobbie: New Zealand Ferns. 148 Varieties (1880)
897.67   Colonel Stuart Wortley & Lady Brassey: Tahiti, a series of photographs taken by Colonel Stuart-Wortley; with letterpress by Lady Brassey (1882)
897.68   Thomas Byrnes: Professional Criminals of America (1886)
897.69   James M. Gale: Glasgow Corporation Water Works: Photographic Views of Loch Katrine, and of Some of the Principal Works Constructed for Introducing the Water of Loch Katrine into the City of Glasgow by T. and R. Annan and Sons (1889)
897.70   Ed. Heron-Allen: Violin-Making (As It Was and Is): being a Historical, Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Science and Art of Violin-Making, for the use of Violin Makers and Players, Amateur and Professional (1885)
897.71   Robert W. Dunham: The structure of wheat shown in a series of photo-micrographs, with explanatory remarks (1892)
897.72   James Leon Williams: The Home and Haunts of Shakespeare (1892)
897.73   T.C. Porter: Impressions of America (1899)
897.74   Lala Deen Dayal: Sorabji Jehangir - Princes and Chiefs of India (1903)
Armchair travelers
897.75   Photographically illustrated books for the armchair traveler
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