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Stereographs Project

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Trutpert Schneider & Sons, A group standing by the gate of a palatial dwelling, Daguerreotype, stereo, Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs, Courtesy of Christopher Wahren, LL/15614
Stereoviews, stereographs and stereocards
10030.01   Introduction to stereoviews
10030.02   Different types of stereo images
10030.03   Understanding stereovision
10030.04   The process of making card-based stereoviews
10030.05   Stereo daguerreotypes
10030.06   Antoine Claudet: Stereo Daguerreotypes
10030.07   Stereo ambrotypes
10030.08   Stereo tintypes
10030.09   Stereo cyanotypes
10030.10   Introduction to French tissues / tissue views
10030.11   Stereographs, Quadra views
10030.12   Stereoviews: Colour
Themes - Painted
10030.13   Painted stereoviews
10030.14   Bi-colored stereoviews
Themes - Events
10030.15   Stereoviews: Events
Themes - Diablerie
10030.16   Stereoviews: Diableries
Themes - Dreams and visions
10030.17   Dreams and visions
10030.18   Stereocards: Humour
Themes - Erotica
10030.19   Stereoviews: Erotica
Themes - Nature
10030.20   Stereoviews: Nature
10030.21   Frank Haes: Stereocards of London Zoo (ca. 1865)
Themes - Places
10030.22   Stereoviews: Places and locations
10030.23   Stereoviews: Themes: Landscape types - Cityscapes - Urban
Themes - Photography-related
10030.24   Stereoviews: Photographic studios
10030.25   Stereoviews: Photographic vans, wagons and cars
10030.26   Stereoviews: Photographica
Themes - Portrait
10030.27   Stereoviews: Portraits: Celebrities
10030.28   Stereoviews: Portraits: Actors
10030.29   Stereoviews: Military
10030.30   Stereoviews: Ethnic
10030.31   Stereoviews: Native Americans
Themes - Scientific
10030.32   Stereoviews: Scientific
10030.33   Clough & Kimball (Concord, N.H.): Views taken on The Summit of Mt. Washington during The Winter of 1870-71
10030.34   Edinburgh University Stereoscopic Anatomy Series: The Edinburgh Stereoscopic Atlas of Anatomy by Waterston and Burnet, a set of stereoscopic slides mounted on explanatory cards (1905 or later)
10030.35   Furne fils & Tournier: Épreuve a Mouvement (Metamorphic stereoviews)
10030.36   Dr. Max Cohn (author): Atlas der Röntgenstereoskopie (ca 1920)
Themes - Advertising
10030.37   Stereoviews: Advertising
Themes - Still life
10030.38   Stereoviews: Still life
Themes - Transportation
10030.39   Stereoviews: Transportation
10030.40   John Carbutt: Union Pacific Rail Road, Excursion to the 100th Meridian (October 1866)
Themes - War
10030.41   Unidentified photographer: La Crimée [Models of significant locations during the Crimean War]
10030.42   Stereocard series on the American Civil War
10030.43   Stereoview series of the First World War
10030.44   Reuse of miltary stereoviews
Examples of sets of stereocards
10030.45   Elias A. Bonine: Stereocards: Florida Series
10030.46   Pierre Joseph Rossier: China (1859)
10030.47   Edward Anthony: The Fulton St. Prayer Meeting, set of 12 views (1857)
10030.48   James Chapman: Chapman Expedition in South Africa (1862-1864)
10030.49   Edward L. Wilson: Scenes in the Orient
10030.50   Karl Wessely: Eye conditions and injuries (1931)
10030.51   Charles H. Shute & Son (Edgartown, Mass.): Stereoscopic Views of a Whaling Voyage
Books illustrated with stereoviews
10030.52   Introduction to books illustrated with stereoviews
10030.53   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Teneriffe - An Astronomer’s Experiment (1857)
10030.54   Linnaeus Tripe: Stereographs of Madura...with descriptions by the Rev. W. Tracy, M.A. (1858)
10030.55   John Mounteney Jephson: Narrative of a Walking Tour in Brittany (1859)
10030.56   Roger Fenton: The Conway in the Stereoscope (1860)
10030.57   William Despard Hemphill: The Abbeys, Castles, and Scenery of Clonmel and the Surrounding Countryside (1860)
10030.58   Francis Frith: Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, Illustrated with One Hundred Stereoscopic Photographs (1862)
10030.59   Major [Robert] Gill & James Fergusson: One Hundred Stereoscopic Illustrations of Architecture and Natural History in Western India (1864)
10030.60   George M. Mowbray [stereoviews by H.D. Ward]: Tri-Nitro-glycerine, as Applied in the Hoosac Tunnel Submarine Blasting, Etc. (1872)
10030.61   Edward Bierstadt: Gems of American Scenery, consisting of Stereoscopic Views among the White Mountains (1878)
10030.62   H.P. Smith; Judd & McLeish (photographers), 1878, Syracuse and Its Surrounding (1878)
10030.63   T.C. Porter: Impressions of America (1899)
Magazines illustrated with stereoviews
10030.64   The Stereoscopic Magazine (1858)
Manufacture and packaging of stereoviews
10030.65   Interior of Stereographic workshops
10030.66   H.C. White Manfacturing Plant for Stereoscopes and StereoViews - North Bennington, Vermont, USA
10030.67   H.C. White: The manufacture of stereoscopes and views
10030.68   Poor quality control with stereocards
10030.69   Packaging for stereoviews
Pirated stereoviews
10030.70   Pirated stereoviews
Stereocards marketing and salesrooms
10030.71   Marketing stereocards
10030.72   Stereoviews: Lists of views (Backlists)
10030.73   Keystone View Company: Maps and Plans Accompanying Palestine Through the Stereoscope (1900)
10030.74   Underwood & Underwood: James Henry Breasted - Egypt Through the Stereoscope
10030.75   Salesrooms for stereoviews
Stereocard storage for home and education
10030.76   Stereoview libraries for the armchair traveler
Circulating libraries
10030.77   Stereoviews: Circulating Libraries
10030.78   The Stereoscopic Society: Envelopes with comments from "The Stereoscopic Society" postal reviewing club (ca 1950s)
10030.79   Stereoview cameras
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