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Unidentified photographer, Portrait of a woman, 1855 (?), October, Daguerreotype, hand-tinted, Private collection of Gregory Popovitch, LL/69733
687.01   The announcement of photography OR Arago annonce la découverte de Daguerre
687.02   Introduction to the Daguerreotype
The process
687.03   The Daguerreotype
Early accounts
687.04   The Daguerrotipe - Private letter from Professor S.F.B. Morse to the editor of the Observer, dated, Paris, March 9th (1839)
687.05   The 'Daguerreotype.' - We have seen the views taken in Paris (1839)
687.06   Antoine Claudet: Advert for "the DAGUERREOTYPE; or, Nature delineated by Herself"
687.07   Visit to Plumbe's Gallery, New York (1846)
Manuals and instructions
687.08   Daguerreotype manuals and instructions
687.09   Daguerreotypomania
687.10   Interesting group posed for a Daguerreotype by a friend of the family / Interesting and valuable result (1855)
Publications that did, or said they did, use daguerreotypes as the basis for their illustrations
687.11   The influence of the daguerreotype upon art
687.12   Paris et ses Environs Reproduits par le Daguerrotype, Sous la Direction de M. Ch. Philipon (Paris: Chez Aubert et Cie, 1840)
687.13   Lorenzo Suscipj (daguerreotypist) and Johann Jakob Falkeisen (artist, Swiss, 1804–1883): Vues d'Italie d'après la daguerreotype (Ferdinando Artaria et Fils, 1840-1841)
687.14   Adolphe Duperly: Daguerian Excursions in Jamaica (ca 1844)
687.15   Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours: Excursions daguerriennes : vues et monuments les plus remarquables du globe (1842)
687.16   T. Bettinger: Vues d'Algérie prises au dauguerréotype (1847)
687.17   Bruges, ses Monuments et ses Tableaux, edited by Daveluy (Bruges, Daveluy, 1855)
687.18   Jean Baptiste Marie Chamouin: Vues de Paris (1845)
687.19   Charles Guillain: Voyage a la Côte Orientale d’Afrique (1856)
Cameras, equipment and plates
687.20   Daguerreotype cameras
687.21   Daguerreotype equipment
687.22   Daguerreotype apparatus (1843)
687.23   Daguerreotype apparatus (1853)
687.24   Daguerreotype plates
687.25   Daguerreotype plate sizes
687.26   Silver hallmarks on daguerreotype plates
687.27   Daguerreotype mats
Packaging and labels
687.28   Packaging for daguerreotypes
687.29   Labels for Daguerreotypists
The process of having a portrait taken
687.30   Portrait factory on Broadway, New York
Exposure times
687.31   Daguerreotype exposure times
687.32   Costs charged for Daguerreotypes
Painted backgrounds and daguerreotypists
687.33   Studio painted backgrounds for daguerreotypes
687.34   Antoine Claudet: Backgrounds for daguerreotypes
687.35   Daguerreotypes: Portraits
687.36   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic
687.37   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Indians
687.38   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Chinese
687.39   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Native Americans
687.40   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Spanish
687.41   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Norwegian
687.42   Daguerreotypes: Occupations and roles
687.43   Daguerreotypes: Occupations and roles of women
687.44   Daguerreotypes: Celebrities
687.45   Daguerreotypes: Actors
687.46   Shakespearean characters from "Illustrated Tallis's Shakespeare" (1860)
687.47   Jenny Lind (1820-1887)
687.48   Daguerreotypes: Politicians
687.49   Daguerreotypes: Military
687.50   Daguerreotypes: Post-mortem portraits
687.51   Daguerreotypes: Charitable causes
687.52   Daguerreotypes: Events
687.53   Californian Gold Rush (1848-1855)
687.54   Daguerreotypes: Art
687.55   Daguerreotypes: Exteriors
687.56   Daguerreotypes: Landscapes
687.57   Daguerreotypes: Nature
687.58   Daguerreotypes: Panoramas
687.59   Daguerreotypes: Scientific
687.60   Daguerreotypes: Still life
687.61   Daguerreotypes: Multiple images
687.62   Daguerreotypes: Erotica and nudes
Stereo daguerreotypes
687.63   Stereo daguerreotypes
Coloring daguerreotypes
687.64   Painted daguerreotypes
687.65   Patent: To Richard Beard. of Earl-street, Blackfriars, Gent., for improvements in the means of obtaining likenesses
687.66   Frederick Langenheim: Patents for Coloring Daguerreotype Plates
687.67   Patent: Wm. A. Pratt, Improvement in Colouring Daguerreotype-Pictures (1846)
687.68   Daguerreotype frames
687.69   Daguerreotypes with painted glass passe-partouts
687.70   Daguerreotype photo-jewelry
687.71   Printing from daguerreotype plates
Encounters with artists
687.72   The encounters between the London Daguerreotypist John Jabez Mayall and the artist John Turner (1847-1849)
687.73   Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre: Daguerreotype plates
687.74   Joseph Saxton: Philadelphia Central High School for Boys and Pennsylvania State Arsenal
687.75   Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann: Portraits
687.76   Alexander Doussin Dubreuil: Ireland: The Repeal Martyrs (1842-1845)
687.77   Louis-Adolphe Humbert de Molard: Daguerreotype portraits
687.78   Hermann Carl Eduard Biewend: Daguerreotype portraits
687.79   Carl Ferdinand Stelzner: Daguerreotype portraits
687.80   Lorenzo G. Chase: Anthropological studies
687.81   Robert Cornelius: Daguerreotype portraits
687.82   Henry Fitz Jr.: Daguerreotype portraits
687.83   Marcus Aurelius Root: Daguerreotype portraits
687.84   Mathew B. Brady: Daguerreotype portraits
687.85   Charles DeForest Fredricks: Daguerreotype portraits
687.86   W. & F. Langenheim: Daguerreotype portraits
687.87   Jeremiah Gurney: Daguerreotype portraits
687.88   Samuel Broadbent: Daguerreotype portraits
687.89   Southworth and Hawes: Daguerreotype portraits
687.90   Rufus P. Anson: Daguerreotype portraits
687.91   Thomas Easterly: Daguerreotypes
687.92   Jules Itier: China
687.93   Samuel A. Bemis: The White Mountains of New Hampshire
687.94   Fontayne & Porter: The Cincinnati Panorama
687.95   George Skene Keith: Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion (1859)
687.96   Trutpert Schneider & Sons: Storage box for ten stereo daguerreotypes of palace interiors [Possibly Bavaria or Russia] (ca 1860)
687.97   Photographic Phenomena, or the new school of portrait painting (1842)
687.98   Marketing: Business cards of Daguerreotypists
687.99   Advertising for Daguerreotypists
687.100   Meade daguerreotype case a portrait of Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre
687.101   Marketing: Cased photographs
Copying daguerreotypes
687.102   Copying photographs and copyists: Queen Victoria Presiding at the Reopening of the Reconstructed Crystal Palace at Sydenham (Daguerreotype - Albumen print)
687.103   Copying photographs and copyists: Portraits of Anne L. Gilles (Daguerreotype - Cabinet card)
687.104   Copying photographs and copyists: Portraits of an old woman (Daguerreotype - Tintype)
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