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Uchida Kuichi, L'Impératrice Douairière Akinori, Japon, 1870 (ca), Albumen print, hand-coloured, Photo Verdeau, LL/46311
10039.01   Introduction to photography in Japan
The Japanese
10039.02   Japanese
10039.03   Ainu
10039.04   Japanese ambrotypes
10039.05   Japan: Carte de visite
10039.06   Japan: Stereoviews
Art and photography in Japan
10039.07   Photographers and photography in Japan depicted in art
10039.08   Eliphant Brown: Daguerreotypist on Commodore Perry's voyage to the China Seas and Japan (1850s)
10039.09   Felice Beato: Japan: Portraits
10039.10   Felice Beato: Japan: Places
10039.11   Pierre Joseph Rossier: Japan
10039.12   Charles Bierstadt: Japan
10039.13   Wilhelm Burger: Japan (Check attributions)
10039.14   Baron Raimund von Stillfried: Japan: Portraits
10039.15   Baron Raimund von Stillfried: Japan: Places
10039.16   Stillfried & Andersen: Japan: Portraits
10039.17   Stillfried & Andersen: Japan: Places
10039.18   Kusakabe Kimbei: Japan: Portraits
10039.19   Kusakabe Kimbei: Japan: Places
10039.20   Adolfo Farsari: Japan: Portraits
10039.21   Adolfo Farsari: Japan: Places
10039.22   Antoon F. Bauduin: Japan
10039.23   Suzuki Shinichi 1: Japan: Portraits
10039.24   Emile de Montgolfier: Japan
10039.25   Ogawa Kazumasa: Japan: Portraits
10039.26   Ogawa Kazumasa: Japan: Places
10039.27   Herbert Ponting: Japan
Japanese artists and colourists
10039.28   Nineteenth century Japanese artists and colourists
Royal family
10039.29   Royal family of Japan
Japanese diplomats overseas
10039.30   Atelier Nadar: Japanese diplomats
Cultural stereotypes
10039.31   Samurai
10039.32   Japan: Martial arts
10039.33   Sumo wrestlers
10039.34   Japanese men with tattoos
10039.35   Japanese women sleeping
10039.36   Geishas
10039.37   Courtesans
10039.38   Japan: Musicians
10039.39   Japan: Performance, theatre and dance
10039.40   Crime and punishment in Japan
10039.41   External cultural influences in Japan
10039.42   Sedan chairs (kago) in Japan
10039.43   Japan: Jinrikisha, rickshaw or ricksha
10039.44   Japan: Boats
10039.45   Landscapes of Japan
10039.46   Japan: Enoshima
10039.47   Japan: Hakone
10039.48   Japan: Kamakura
10039.49   Japan: Kanagawa
10039.50   Japan: Kanasawa
10039.51   Japan: Kyoto
10039.52   Japan: Mt. Fuji
10039.53   Japan: Mt. Fuji as a background motif
10039.54   Japan: Nagasaki
10039.55   Japan: Nagoya Castle
10039.56   Japan: Nara
10039.57   Japan: Narita
10039.58   Japan: Nikko
10039.59   Japan: Osaka
10039.60   Japan: Tokyo - Edo
10039.61   Japan: Tomioka
10039.62   Japan: Yokohama
The Far East
10039.63   The Far East (1870-1878)
Everyday life in Japan
10039.64   Everyday life in Japan
10039.65   Japan: Shops
10039.66   Japan: Street vendors
10039.67   Japan: Crafts
Contemporary accounts
10039.68   Photograph of the deceased on a grave at a cemetery in Yokohama, Japan (1881)
Concealed meanings
10039.69   T. Enami: A Japanese Farmer and his Wife
The Great Earthquake (1891)
10039.70   Ogawa Kazumasa: The Great Earthquake of Japan (1891)
A calling card to the West
10039.71   Japan: Described and illustrated by the Japanese (1897)
10039.72   Pictorialism in Japan
10039.73   Baron Adolph de Meyer: Japan
10039.74   Arnold Genthe: Japan
10039.75   Japanese pictorialism - Bunka Shashin-shu (1922)
10039.76   Japanese Art Photography preserved on Postcards
Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)
10039.77   Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905): Introduction
10039.78   Photographers of the Russo-Japanese War
Second World War (1939-1945)
10039.79   SSgt Louis R. Lowery: First Flag Raising on Iwo Jima (23 February 1945)
10039.80   Joe Rosenthal: Flag raising at Iwo Jima (23 February 1945)
10039.81   War: Atomic explosions: Hiroshima
10039.82   War: Atomic explosions: Nagasaki
Post-War Japan
10039.83   Provoke
10039.84   Japanese protest books
10039.85   W. Eugene Smith: Minamata
10039.86   Japanese photobooks
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Daguerreotypists - Japan 
Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) 
Second World War (1939-1945) 
Sedan chairs - Kago 
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Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) 
Second World War (1939-1945) 
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