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James Robertson, The wailing wall, Jerusalem, 1855 (ca), Albumen print, Pierre Spake Fine Art, LL/41937
Israel and Palestine
Improving content
10083.01   Improving content on contemporary photographers
10083.02   Introduction to photography in Israel and Palestine
10083.03   Daguerreotypes: The Holy Land
Early photographers
10083.04   Theodore de Leeuw: Israel and Palestine (1852)
10083.05   James Graham: The Holy Land (1855-1857)
10083.06   Mendel Diness: Jerusalem
10083.07   Louis de Clercq: Israel and Palestine
10083.08   George Skene Keith: Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion (1859)
10083.09   Francis Frith: Books on Egypt, Sinai and Palestine
10083.10   Francis Frith: The Holy Land
10083.11   Auguste Salzmann: Jerusalem
10083.12   Gabriel de Rumine: Israel & Palestine (1858-1859)
10083.13   John Cramb: Palestine in 1860: A Series of Photographic Views (1860)
10083.14   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East - The Holy Land and Syria (1862)
10083.15   Francis Frith: The Holy Bible (1862-1863)
10083.16   Louis Vignes: Voyage d'Exploration a la Mer Morte a Petra et sur la River Gauche du Jourdain par M. Le Duc de Luynes (1868-74)
10083.17   H.H. Kitchener: Photographs of Biblical Sites (1875)
10083.18   Charles Bierstadt: Palestine
10083.19   Félix Bonfils: Jerusalem
10083.20   Félix Bonfils: Views of Palestine [Stereoviews]
10083.21   James Robertson: Jerusalem
10083.22   Tancrède Dumas: Jerusalem
10083.23   Strohmeyer & Wyman: Israel and Palestine
10083.24   F. & E. Thévoz: La Palestine Illustrée collection de vues recueillies en orient, photographs (1888-1891)
10083.25   Alfred.S. Campbell: Palestine (1896)
10083.26   Standard Scenic Co.: Palestine (1906)
10083.27   Benjamin West Kilburn: Palestine (ca 1898-1899)
Nineteenth century organizations
10083.28   Palestine Exploration Fund
10083.29   Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem
10083.30   Ordnance Survey of the Peninsula of Sinai
10083.31   American Palestine Exploration Society
10083.32   American Colony photographers of Jerusalem
Archaeological surveying with a balloon
10083.33   Palestine: Megiddo: Aerial archaeological surveying with a balloon (1930s)
10083.34   Jerusalem
10083.35   Israel and Palestine: Bethlehem
10083.36   Israel and Palestine: Nazareth
10083.37   Israel and Palestine: Hebron
10083.38   Israel and Palestine: Tiberias
10083.39   Israel and Palestine: Ramla
10083.40   Israel and Palestine: Jaffa
10083.41   Israel and Palestine: Bethany
10083.42   Israel and Palestine: River Jordan
10083.43   Israel and Palestine - Jordan: Dead Sea
Travel guides and photography
10083.44   Karl Baedeker's Handbooks for Travellers - Jerusalem
10083.45   Keystone View Company: Maps and Plans Accompanying Palestine Through the Stereoscope (1900)
10083.46   Yaakov Benor-Kalter: Photogravures of Israel and Palestine
10083.47   Zionism in Palestine
10083.48   Robert Capa: Israel and Palestine
10083.49   Chim: Israel and Palestine
Post-1948 wars and social upheaval
10083.50   Middle East - a cycle of wars and uprisings (1948-): Introduction
10083.51   Lebanon 1982-2000
10083.52   George Azar: War photography in Lebanon (1982-200)
10083.53   The Intifadas
10083.54   Photographic studies on Israel, Palestine and the Intifadas
10083.55   Thoughts on the cycle of wars and uprisings in the Middle East
10083.56   Yuval Tebol: Land Research Project (2017 or earlier)
10083.57   Conclusion to photography in Israel and Palestine
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American Colony photographers of Jerusalem 
Calotypists - The Holy Land 
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