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Charles Piazzi Smyth, All the Pyramids of Jeezah [i.e. Giza], from the south, [Australian Inland Mission Collection], 1850-1880 (ca), Colored lantern slide, National Library of Australia, National Library of Australia (24429297), LL/7317
Improving content
74.01   Improving content on contemporary photographers
Introduction to photography in Egypt
74.02   Introduction to photography in Egypt
74.03   Daguerreotypes: Egypt
Cartes de visite
74.04   Cartes de visite: Egypt
74.05   Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey: Egypt
74.06   Jules Itier: Egypt
74.07   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia
74.08   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia: Negatives
74.09   Louis de Clercq: Egypt
74.10   Maxime du Camp: Egypt
74.11   John Shaw Smith: Archaeological sites of Egypt (1851-1852)
74.12   John Beasly Greene: Le Nil (1854)
74.13   Robert Murray: Egypt
74.14   François Joseph Edouard de Campigneules: Egypt (1858)
74.15   Antonio Beato: Egypt
74.16   Henry Cammas: Egypt (taken 1859-1860)
74.17   Francis Frith: Books on Egypt, Sinai and Palestine
74.18   Francis Frith: Egypt
74.19   Francis Frith: Stereoviews: Egypt, Nubia and the Middle East
74.20   Francis Frith: Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, Illustrated with One Hundred Stereoscopic Photographs (1862)
74.21   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East - Egypt (1862)
74.22   C.G. Fountaine: Photographic views taken in Egypt and Greece by C. G. Fontaine (1862)
74.23   Gustave Le Gray: Egypt
74.24   W. Hammerschmidt: Egypt: Archaeological sites
74.25   G. Lékégian: Egypt: Archaeological sites
74.26   Hippolyte Arnoux: Egypt: Archaeological sites
74.27   Zangaki Brothers: Egypt: Archaeological sites
74.28   P. Dittrich: Egypt: Archaeological sites
74.29   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
74.30   H. Béchard: The Pyramids
74.31   Pascal Sebah: Egypt: The Pyramids and the Sphinx
74.32   Abdullah frères: Egypt
74.33   Strohmeyer & Wyman: Egypt
74.34   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Lantern slides and other photographs of Egypt
74.35   Photographing in Egypt W.M. Flinders Petrie (1881-1891)
74.36   The Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan (1905-1907)
74.37   Photographing in the interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel (1906)
74.38   Photographing the Temple of Amun and Amunhotep III at Soleb (1907)
74.39   Charles Jacquin (French): Autochromes of Egyptian archaeological sites (ca 1912)
Cities - Cairo
74.40   Egypt: Cairo
74.41   Pascal Sebah: Cairo
74.42   Francis Frith: Cairo
74.43   W. Hammerschmidt: Cairo
74.44   Zangaki Brothers: Cairo
74.45   Félix Bonfils: Egypt: Cairo
74.46   H. Béchard: Cairo: Streets
Cities - Alexandria
74.47   Egypt: Alexandria
74.48   Egypt: Shepheard's Hotel / Hotel Shepherd
Travel guides and photography
74.49   Karl Baedeker's Handbooks for Travellers - Cairo
74.50   Underwood & Underwood: James Henry Breasted - Egypt Through the Stereoscope
74.51   Clara Whitcomb`s diary: Egypt and the Levant (1898-1899)
The Nile
74.52   Egypt: The Nile
74.53   Egypt: First and Second Cataracts of the Nile
Archaeological sites in Egypt
74.54   Egypt: Alexandria: Column of Pompey
74.55   Egypt: Cairo: Cemeteries and tombs of the Mamalukes
74.56   Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza
74.57   Egypt: Climbing the Pyramids
74.58   Egypt: The Sphinx
74.59   Egypt: Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), Sakkarah (Saqqara)
74.60   Egypt: The Pyramids of Dahshoor (now Dahshur or Dashur)
74.61   Egypt: Beni Hasan
74.62   Egypt: Abydos
74.63   Egypt: Dendara
74.64   Egypt: Colossi of Memnon
74.65   Egypt: Thebes
74.66   Egypt: Thebes: Medinet Habu - Medinet Haboo (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III)
74.67   Egypt: Valley of the Kings
74.68   Egypt: Luxor
74.69   Egypt: Karnak
74.70   Egypt: Esna
74.71   Egypt: Edfou
74.72   Egypt: Kom Ombo
74.73   Egypt: Philae
74.74   Egypt: Temple of Dendur (Dendoor)
74.75   Egypt: Abu Simbel
74.76   Egypt: Wadi Saboea [Wadi es-Sebua]
Archaeological finds in Egypt
74.77   Egypt: Wall art, bas-relief, hieroglyphics and graffiti
74.78   Emil Brugsch: La Trouvaille de Deir-El-Bahari
74.79   Délié & Béchard: Album du Musée Boulaq
74.80   Egypt: Cleopatra's Needle
74.81   Egyptians
74.82   Studio portraits in Egypt
74.83   Mummies and Sphinxes as foreground props
74.84   Schier & Schoefft: Folk types in Egypt (ca. 1866-1868)
74.85   Naya & Schoefft: Pictoresque Cairo / Le Caire pittoresque - Portraits (ca. 1875)
74.86   G. Lekegian: Portraits
74.87   Hippolyte Arnoux: Egypt: Portraits
74.88   Hippolyte Délié: Portraits
74.89   W. Hammerschmidt: Portraits
74.90   Emile Bechard: Portraits
Anglo-Egyptian War (1882)
74.91   Anglo-Egyptian War (1882): Bombardment of Alexandria (1882)
Suez Canal (1869 onwards)
74.92   Suez Canal (1859-1869)
74.93   Early snapshots taken in Egypt
Christian architecture
74.94   Egypt: Saint Catherine's Monastery
Islamic architecture
74.95   Egypt: Cairo
74.96   Van Leo: An Armenian Photographer in Cairo
Arab and Iranian contemporary photography
74.97   Introduction to Arab and Iranian contemporary photography
74.98   Issues in the representation of the Arab World
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Anglo-Egyptian War (1882) 
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Anglo-Egyptian War (1882) 
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